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Missing Bing, Thank You Squeenix.Follow

#1 Nov 02 2012 at 10:13 AM Rating: Default
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I may or may not have seen the client being launched. Without expanding any further on that I will say that one thing that really annoyed me about 1.0 was that awkward "BING" when Square-Enix logo came up. What was that? It sounded like they amplified your MOBO alert sound. Anyways, I believe it may be gone finally. And I am sooooooo glad.
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Yea, that was terrible.

I also hate a tiny little mini rock inside my sock. It sucks, because you have to take off both your shoe and your sock. Take the mini rock out the sock...look at it and wonder how it got there, find a good place to dispose of said rock, put sock back on(making sure those **** stitched lines are on top of the toes), and to top it off...put your shoe back on.

I just hate that. I am sooo glad during the summer when I don't have to wear socks all the time.

edit - spelled wear wrong. I corrected my mistake...did not take me very long. Took me longer to type this. and this.

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