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to anyone considering trying this gameFollow

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**** everyone.

well as the title says this is for anyone thinking about trying final fantasy 14. Right off the bat i am not going to lie. Since yoshida has taken over the game, everything has received massive changes. However the question is has these changes been good, or have they been bad. Well since i have had the opportunity to play for the last 3-4 months i have decided that the game, at the time of the final save, has been awesome. Version 2.0 has so much potential to succeed that i do believe it will.

For anyone that wants to go into detail, the battle system (as of the end of version 1.0) has turned out to be spectacular. And i am not only counting the battle system as what it can do, but what the battles themselves has to offer as well. The AF battles are not simple. It requires a team that knows the strategies and formula to win. However that formula is not set in stone, it can be accomplished by many setups. Some AF are easier than others but they are all fun to do. The absolute best example i can give towards the gameplay and battle system is (or was) rivenroad hard. After accomplishing the so called "hardest fight in the game" i can say that the future of FF14 looks bright. Not only does it look like it will host the hardest content ever seen by an MMO (which i think is a good thing), it will have the best music, the most challenging content, but also the best storyline. Because let's face it the story line in almost all MMO's are an afterthought.

I will not lie. The story in origional 14 was pretty shallow and non-existant. Well since all the changes have changed the game, that too has changed. The grand companty quests hav not only been engaging, but have been progressively harder as it should be. The transition from "United we stand" to "To kill a raven" was very nicely done. And then to go to "the raven nevermore" was a challenge i have not had since FFXI's airship batle. The content is unique, awesome, but most of all fun. Sure 1.0's end of days was pretty repetitive because they needed us to hold out until 2.0. But i dare say the wait will be worth it considering the challenges they have given us thus far. If they can keep going with that challenging content with good rewards, i can see ff14 being the best MMO ever made.

I am not being biast with my view on this either. I played 14 on it's release, and i would say i am a fanboy. But i am the kind of person that will recognize a game as being bad even though i like the franchise. I stopped playing ff14 maybe a month or 2 into its release. i reached level 46 con, 45 thm in that tim and quit. since i have been back i got all DOW jobs to 50 except pld to 40 (and yes i know the PL system was broken), but i enjoyed doing it. There is actually a sense of accomplishment to be had, but not even ff11 can top how i felt after beating darnus hard (and for anyone that played ff11, this fight added a level of difficulty never seen in 11, at least until when i quit which was when the cap was raised past 75 which is when i quit.)

So i am sure after all that everyone would like to know what i think 2.0 will be like. Well i can't say. all i have to go with is on what i felt about 1.0 before the final save. I would like to say it will be awesome, but only time will tell. The only thing i would like everyone who read this to get out of it, is to at least watch how 2.0 is developing, and draw your own conclusions. But at least follow it because i am sure it will be something to bebhold once released ( and will give you that feeling of ffxi all over again).

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