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3 questions basout an interview I just read.Follow

#1 Nov 11 2012 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
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1. The interview said "a couple of level 50s could buy an S ranked house" so multiple people can buy a house TOGETHER? As in I could have a roommate living with me as opposed to it being like FFXI where my "house" (if you can call it that) is solely mine unless someone is in my party when they enter? If so that sound cool lol. I already have epic ideas for that if its the case.

2. Then interview mentioned "instanced dungeons" so are ALL dungeons in FFXIV instanced now or just some? I mean in FFXI i liked exploring a dungeon for the first time and running into other players who may explore with me or help if i get in trouble or I help them.. in an instanced dungeon that wouldn't happen as no one outside your party would be in the dungeon with you.. I seriously hope that isnt the case for ALL dungeons in FFI... that would really kill the sense of exploration and persistence (though it would make NM camping easier lol)

3. When the game first launched I remember them saying they kept the character models similar to those in FFXI so that ppl coming from FFXI are comfortable... I plan to make my character look just like my old one from FFXI soo if there a character that you can create that looks like this:

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I actually managed to get my Lalafelle to look almost exactly like my Tarutaru, although now I want to be a lady Roegadyn instead.

The hairstyles are quite similar to the ones in XI. You can custom dye your hair and stuff. So yes, you should be able to almost replicate that look entirely.
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Not all were instanced the shopshae (sorry spelling) one wasn't an instanced dungeon for example, neither was Cassiopeia hollow.
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