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What classes/jobs would you like in 2.0?Follow

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Ruisu wrote:
Louiscool wrote:
RDM that ACTUALLY is a front line mage.
Seconded, hence my signature.

I always thought this made perfect sense. Fencer Class (as I fantasized aout it on the "leaked" .DAT job files) that gains Red Magic. It would actually give merit to the job/class system, as you are a frontline fighter first, and then sprinkle on the mage!

Can we first fix the current tanks and make PLD more desirable... In nearly every situation, War > PLD. We either need situations where a PLD is useful as a non-tank (like how War can also DD) or fights with extremely high dmg to make PLD's greater def and healing stand above War Tanks.

This is coming from a War, whose Pld friend is very jealous.
They need to fix the paradigm between WAR and PLD so that both perform equally without silly gimmicks like superior mitigation on one and more damage on the other. PLD was actually fine near the end of 1.0, though I'll admit Nael is my sole point of reference. WAR, PLD and any other members of the tank roster should be all viable choices for the boss the raid is looking to fight, IMO.[/quote]

I completely agree. Both should be viable tanks for all content, or else you segregate a given job. I still think it's not possible given that any party can have more than 1 warrior, but if you had multiple Plds....

I think Pld needs an alternate stance, the way War has Berserk and Rampage, for tank vs DD, to improve their versatility.

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Blue mage
Thief(but like in FFIX with the dual-blades synthesized weapons.)

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