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#1 Dec 02 2012 at 8:21 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm planning to run the ACEN Final Fantasy MMO panel again this year. I'd like to grab a FFXIV veteran to help round out our crew.

ACEN is May 17th-19th this year. It is in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, just a few miles from the O'Hare airport.

I've been running this panel for four years now, so I've got good odds of getting in. By being a panelist, you get 50% off the registration price - this means you'll only pay $24 if you register before January 1st. (Don't pay anything just yet if you're interested in being on the panel, though.) ACEN says this: 1. All panelists are required to create an account within the Anime Central website ( before submitting a panel application. DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT for your badge before your panel is approved if a discounted or complimentary panelist badge is desired, you will not receive a refund. Payment is due only after a panel request is approved/denied.

I generally ask for the slot opposite the Masquerade, however, so if you're a cosplayer who planned on viewing or entering the costume contest, this might be a no go. (There are 30,000 attendees at ACEN and only 3,000 can see the Masquerade. I strive to provide alternate entertainment.)

Send me a PM with the following information: Your real name, the name you registered at the ACEN website under (e.g. your username), how long you've played FFXIV, and a telephone number where I can contact you.

This is first come first serve BUT please only request to go if you are already planning to attend ACEN, live in driving distance of Chicago, and are so absolutely super enthusiastic about 2.0 you're willing to pay $24 to talk about it for 30 minutes on a Saturday night.

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Thayos wrote:
I can't understand anyone who skips the cutscenes of a Final Fantasy game. That's like going to Texas and not getting barbecue.

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I could very easily be able and interested, but I wouldn't consider myself a FFXIV veteran, considering I only played through the alpha and beta. I haven't actually seen the game since a few days after launch.
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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