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Hi, I'm a newcomer and need some adviceFollow

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Hey I have had FFXIV since august, but I have never got to play it since my old computer could not run it. Since I got a new one, I have been aching to play it, but is it worth the $12.50 a month(I am on a pretty tight budget now, I know it seems trivial but to me every penny counts).

I used to play FFXI waaaaaaaay back when and stopped shortly after Chains of Premonition(or whatever it was called was released) and I enjoyed it immensely.

I know alot has changed since the games release but a few questions:
1) Is the game extremely group dependent like FFXI?
2) Would I need a guild or linkshell or whatever they are called to complete later end content?
3) Is there a good amount of end game content(extremely important for me)
4) Can I change classes at any time like with FFXI
5) How is the american population? I ask because obviously I live in America
6) Is there an auction house, and if so, what effect do the gold farmers have on the economy, because when I played FFXI they drove the prices of even the simplest of gear through the roof.\
7) How time consuming is it compared to other MMOs like LOTRO, GW2 and such, in otherwords, would I have to sit around and wait for a group like in FFXI?
8) Where the f*** can I download the client, I have looked EVERYWHERE for a link on the square enix site and can't find one
9) I read they added classic jobs, will they add more? Would love to try another Red Mage (if this is NDA protected don't answer)

Now I know you alpha testers can't give out info, but as a general consensus, would you recommended to hold off until Realm Reborn is released or would I just have an easy time getting into it now?

Thanks for your time.
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1. No, 14 will be more solo/quest-based or at least that's what they're moving towards.
2. Depends on how accessible endgame content will be. Can't say until beta/release.
3. Can't say until beta/release.
4. Yes, you just equip the weapon or tool for the class you want to switch to. No more running to a mog house.
5. Can't say. I was playing 1.0 in Japan.
6. Can't say until beta/release. I was sure I heard there would be an AH. Someone else probably has a better answer.
7. Can't say until beta/release.
8. All clients have been taken offline to prepare for 2.0.
9. They're adding a new class and job along with 2.0 or shortly afterward,. arcanist and summoner.

You really have no choice but to wait until 2.0 or try to get into beta once the invites go out.
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Just get the **** out. Your kind isn't welcome here.

Oh, "newcomer." I read it as "necromancer." I really need some sleep...
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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Kachi wrote:
Just get the **** out. Your kind isn't welcome here.

Oh, "newcomer." I read it as "necromancer." I really need some sleep...

One day. ONE DAY!!!! FF will get their goth on. Oh yes. Necromania!!!!
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