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Re: Gearswapping. Most cases of gearswapping were no different from using any other stat-altering ability. Think of Warrior abilities like Berserk and Defender. Ultimately, they're no different from gear-swapping. It was just that everyone finally figured out that they could have these "abilities" all the time by switching their gear.

When these are done responsively in combat they reflect skill of the player-- e.g., switching into a water resist set right before being blasted by a water attack. When they're done as part of a regular rotation, they're just more steps to these optimal face-roll rotations that players frequently fall into, FFXI being no exception. They also made certain configurations possible... I enjoyed playing as SAM/rng for a long time only because I could swap into a ranged accuracy gear set.

So at times they were a great way to enhance the gameplay and embodied skillful play in the game. Other times they were just an annoying, funny-looking chore.

So what's the difference between the former and the latter, and how can we keep the one without the other? That's the question we should be asking. The answer that strikes me is to simply keep those mechanics while separating that particular functionality from the equipment. Basically, move those stat bonuses from the equipment grid to another grid, e.g., a crystal grid. Now in addition to trying to obtain equipment -which cannot be switched mid-combat- you're also seeking upgrades and sidegrades for your crystal grid, which you can switch out mid-combat to change your statistics in the middle of the battle in response to the situation.

That's one way to capitalize on what many players liked about gearswapping while dropping what many players hated about it. I suggested it in the first alpha (though I used materia at the time since materia didn't already exist); if anyone wants to try presenting it again feel free to C&P away.

It doesn't solve all the gameplay problems associated with gearswapping--for example, gearswapping for DD's was more often a set rotation that required little skill, because DD's largely do not interact with other party members (unless you count holding back to not draw hate). As a result, they have no opportunity for responsive play, little need for skill of any kind, and as a result are often happy just to have some more things to do, even if it's just activating a thoughtless ability like Berserk.
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

Never confuse your inference as the listener for an implication of the speaker.

Good games are subjective like good food is subjective. You're not going to seriously tell me that there's not a psychological basis for why pizza is great and lutefisk is revolting. The thing about subjectivity is that, as subjects go, humans actually have a great deal in common.
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Louiscool wrote:

I don't think I'm missing the point at all. A simple game mechanic is at fault for everything you dislike about ffxi, right? Point gotten.

Don't get defensive, we're just discussing the pros and cons of the system. It's certainly part of a lot of things that were wrong with XI. Another problem was the utter lack of fatigue for melee classes, while mages always had to manage their resources carefully. It was unfair and unbalanced and XI is one of the few mmos where it's like that. Equipment being relevant from level 7 to 70? That's not good design, that horribly broken equipment that shouldn't have been available when it was.

But even those troubles didn't make the game unplayable or anything, just gave some folks a "wtf" feeling about the whole thing. It was a super fun game, and the fact that we can talk about it in such detail