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I forgot this morning before I left for work but..Follow

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AlexandEric wrote:
Wint wrote:
AlexandEric wrote:
Hey wint, Can we fight Ifrit during beta phase 3? or is it phase 4 and forward that we can do Ifrit? ..Also didnt realize till this morning that we couldnt do class quests 20 or higher.. that sux lol

Considering it is all wiped I can't see why it sucks, plus you still get your level 30 class quest skill from the Wandering Minstrel.

There is an ifrit fight as part of the main story line but it's not the primal fight for SMN if that's what you're asking about.

I dont mean it sux in a "shame on SE" way, just sux because I wanted more to do class wise lol. But thats cool no big. I was just a little surprised. I thought it would go all the way to 35. I only got to level 18 last beta so i was unaware the lvl 20 was not there. I look forward to fighting Ifrit tho! I got the quest que'd but I dont see anyone to talk to. Do you have to first make the party then it will let you through when you talk to the beastmen?

Yeah, think of Ifrit's fight as a very short Instanced Dungeon. Get 4 people (is Bowl of Embers available on the duty finder?) and head there, then there is a NPC next to the beastmen you talk to to enter.
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