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[Exodus] Crimson Wing is recruiting - Multi-nationalFollow

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We conquered the Plane of Fear, stormed Rubi-Ka, and fought bravely against the Albion and Hibernian forces. We built a city on Aerynth and in another timeline captured many bases from the Vanu and New Conglomerate. The Alliance called us Rebels in a Galaxy far, far away, and the people of Paragon City called us Heroes. We fought back the tides of the Horde, and we backed Queen Antonia Bayle. We were there when the Matrix was unplugged, and survived both stages of Shiro. We were shipwrecked on the shores of Korthos Island, and worked our way across the land of Telon. We were in awe upon entering the valley of Rivendell, as well as watching the Bane swarm over Tabula Rasa. The "King" Conan ordered us to help him defeat an ancient evil and we fought with the Greenskins against the Armies of Order. You could see us soaring in the skies of Atreia, or sometimes Paragon City, and we endured the nuclear conflict brought about by the Shiva Virus. We faced the reckoning of Telara, and we fought against the Sith Empire. We stopped reality itself from breaking asunder, and witnessed Queen Jennah's speech about the tenacity of the human spirit.

Through it all, across multiple timelines and realities.... we have survived.

We are Crimson Wing.

Created in 1996, Crimson Wing is a Multi-national casual PVE/RP/PVP Raiding and Event oriented organization in every game that we are a part of. Basically this means that we are a group of people that have prior commitments in our lives and cannot adhere to a strict raiding or event schedule but still wish to experience end game content as well as events with the help and participation of our members. Both our raiding and event schedules allow for greater flexibility of those who work and attend school full time while still allowing us to progress in the game.

Our average age range is approx 25 - 45 with a few above and below that range. We are a mature content organization and we do not recommend that those under 18 apply. This is not to say that we do not make exceptions to that rule but above all we look at maturity and the ability to work as a team. We take no responsibility for the loss of internet or computer privileges due to things your Guardians might see or hear.

We are not a guild, we are a family. This family is composed of like minded people from around the planet with different skin tones, accents, belief systems, and upbringings. Despite that, we come together over VoIP, Video Games, and a common desire to have fun and surpass all of that.
We do not recruit characters, avatars, toons, or users. We recruit People! Living, breathing people with husbands, wives, kids, significant others and lives. We are not looking for the glory hounds of the internet, we do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone with "phat loots" and bosses killed, it is not our style. We do not r0XoR n00bz oMg wtf BBQ!

Now that we have our history and core beliefs out of the way, here is just a bit more about us:
1) As you can see, we are nomadic, and some of our members will migrate to other MMOs, so if you are looking forward to WildStar, ArcheAge, Elder Scrolls Online, and EverQuest Next, well so are we! That does not mean we will abandon FFXIV at all.
2) We do not just focus on MMOs. Many of our members also enjoy FPS games, driving games, and other genres, so chances are you will have a family in your non-MMOs as well.
3) We are based HEAVILY around the use of VoIP (Voice over IP). So much so in fact that our guild chat is oftentimes very empty, even when we are all very busy and having our most fun.
4) We like to surround ourselves with honorable, respectful people, and in so doing, we will go very much out of our way to let members know they are welcome, help them in any way we can, and share our spoils.
5) We are not an organization run by some guild leader and his closest friends as officers. Everyone has a say, and we are always seeking advice on how to make Crimson Wing better.

At this point, I am not sure what else I can tell you about us, so we will throw some links at you…

Our About Us page:

Our Lore:

Our Code of Ethics:

Our recruitment page:

On behalf of Crimson Wing, we thank you for reading, and look forward to seeing you in game!
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