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#1 Aug 22 2013 at 7:26 PM Rating: Excellent
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I thought it would be a useful thing if all of us GLAs share the tanking rotations that we use in order to optimize our hate generation. I personally (granted I have only played up to 30) find that this rotation tends to keep hate without too many issues Shield Lob > Flash > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Flash > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Fast Blade > Riot Blade... Pretty much I alternate between finishing my combos with Savage and Riot Blades while occasionally employing Flash for large groupings and useing Provoke and Shield lob for the few that may get away from me. There is a third combo skill that I got that I worked into the rotation but I cant remember the name of it but it comboed with Savage Blade if I remember correctly. Also, if you have an enemy that uses powerful skills, Shield Bash is a great interupt so don't forget about that.
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#2 Aug 22 2013 at 7:52 PM Rating: Good
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Good info. My old 1.0 GLD made it to 32 but it has been so long since I tanked on it I would fail like a dunes n00b. I have to relearn all my skills -_-
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Granted have only maxed out at 20 ATM, I definitely kick it off with a Shield Lob followed by Flash after that depends on situation.
If its a large group another Flash then pull out the Fast/Riot Blade combo.
Then it's just a matter of my judgment I sometime throw in a Shield Bash for kicks

With that setup haven't had any problems with hate control except for Ifrit had to focus more on Shield Lob for some reason it's like he was immune to Flash..
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#4 Aug 22 2013 at 9:14 PM Rating: Good
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Post Rage of Halone my Rotation was usually something like this.

Shield lob Primary target (possible provoke on a second target)
Flash one or two times
Fast Blade MT
Savage Blade 2nd target (unless you notice DDs pulling threat off your primary target before you finish your combo)
Rage of Halone on a 3rd target
Continued rotation of Savage Blade and Rage of Halone on all targets
Fast Blade > Riot Blade combos when the 2nd to last monster is about dead until the fight is over to regain MP for the next fight.

I also macroed together GLA's defesnive buff with MRDs to use them simultaneously. I did the same with Feather Foot and Keen Flurry from PUG and LNC. I also macroed Second wind after Convalescence for a nice HP buffer when things got hairy. I don't think you will have the slots to cross class Raging Strikes from ARC or the Crit buff from PUG with the changes to Cure and possible Stoneskin, but they work pretty well macroed in with Fight or Flight when starting a fight. Man, GLA gets a ton of useful cooldowns. I think I had 12 at the end of Phase 3.

As far as using the cooldowns went I would typically use one macro at the start of each trash fight with the Convalescence one being saved if I dipped below 1/2 HP. This allowed for two CDs to be used each fight, which really helped with damage mitigation. Sometimes I would save GLA's defensive buff macro for casters however, since it is currently the only one that reduces magic damage.

In boss fights I would try to stagger out the use of each macro to increase the time that I was taking reduced damage. So far I haven't seen any fights where you absolutely needed defensive cooldowns so the more that you use them the more effective they are going to be.

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