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Macros, share your awsome Macro here.Follow

#1 Aug 26 2013 at 6:08 PM Rating: Good
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Hey guys figured this would be a good first place to start sharing macros to help one another out.

Here is one I really like.

Icon: True Thrust
Name: Frontal Assault
/ac "True Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Vorpal Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Full Thrust" <t>

Icon: Full Thrust
Name: Rear Assault
/ac "Impulse Drive" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Disembowel" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Chaos Thrust" <t>

Icon: Heavy Thrust
Name: Flank Assault
/ac "Heavy Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Ring of Thorns" <t>

If you have something better or other really helpful ones please share!

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