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If you find an area or mob that has good drop rates for materials please list it here,

Animal Skins (Leather): Pretty Common item to get

Animal Hides (Hard Leather): Level 4 Dodo's, Lower La Noscea, Cedar Wood, near "The Eyes/Red Rooster Stead" (this spot is AWESOME! So quick and easy to get 2 full stacks, possibly a broken loot table on this. I recommend taking advantage of it.)

Aldgoat Hides (Aldgoat Leather): Eastern Thanlan, Aldgoat Mid Teens for level, Easy to farm

Gigantoad Skin (Toad Leather): Eastern La Noscea, the toads can be found in the river X:17 Y:26 for some general map coordinates.

Boar Hides (Boar Leather): East Shroud, The Bramble Patch X:16 Y:23 The boars here shouldn't be hard the level is 20ish if I remember correctly

Raptor Skin(Raptor Leather): Eastern La Noscea X:18 Y:35

Coeurl Hides: Eastern La Noscea X:19 Y:28 for some general map coordinates.

Karakul Skin:

Peiste Skin:

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