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#1 Aug 27 2013 at 9:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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I've lurked on this site for some time now, but never felt like I had anything worthwhile to say until now. I've found a really great, easy, fast leveling tip involving HQ items and levequests.

The first thing to note is that, whenever you do a tradecraft leve, if you turn in an HQ version of the item, you get a 200% bonus to exp! Awesome! But there's a way you can really take advantage of this.

Part two to the magic is that some leves, after you turn in the item, ask if you want to extend the contract (it will ask this only a few times), meaning you can turn more items in if you have them.

There are several leves this can be used with, but I will use Don't Forget to Take Your Meds as an example. I used this leve to level from 20 to 25 in about an hour. It's great because the item you need is pretty easy to make and HQ's come often enough (with enough luck and skill) that you are more likely to make money than lose it. This leve can be obtained from the levemete in Ul'dah (Eustace in The Quicksand). The leve asks for 5 Intelligence potions, to be delivered to Roarich who is basically right next door (and the Alchemist's guild is in the same city, making it convenient).

So, if you make 15 HQ Intelligence potions, grab the leve, turn in the first 5 (for a 200% bonus - in my case, it was over 14k exp!). Then, he'll ask if you want to extend the contract. Do it! More exp! And again! This is probably at least a full level, or a level and a half on a single leve!

Maybe this is old news to the rest of you, but I thought it was awesome! I hope this helps some crafters out!
#2 Aug 27 2013 at 11:44 PM Rating: Excellent
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Saw a few tips in this regard from P3, but it's a really good thing to bring up repeatedly none the less. What we need (maybe set up a sub-page within the wiki) is a list of which leves (by craft) allow the "triple turn-in." As you say, it's effectively 900% exp + gil for 1 leve - if you have enough HQ's!

Even for now, create a sticky within each crafting forum with the leve, what level it is, and where it starts. Once they build up, they could be consolidated within a single wiki page (probably branching from the overarching levequest page, but with links from each crafting page, possibly under a "leveling tips" section).
#3 Aug 29 2013 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
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If you make a bunch of budding maple wands around level 8 there is a leave that grants over 2k xp. I got a lvl crafting them and a lvl turning them in.. Only down side is its one at a time. But the its close distance between leavemate and turn in guy

#4 Sep 03 2013 at 5:30 PM Rating: Good
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Also, always check the market boards....I was able to buy 20 HQ pots of int for about 400 gil to then turn in with the leve for about 1800 gil...1400 gil profit. Check any items that leves require and see if you can buy them cheap from the market. Before I hit level 20 I was turning in the level 20 acn book for the leve and I was buying the book for about 200-300 gil and getting upwards of 480 gil per leve.

I am still using the hq pots of int leve since I haven't found another triple turn in. I am almost level 29 and I started alchemy late last night.
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