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Conundrum Arcanist vs. Thaumaturge ProgressionFollow

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So I started off with Arcanist because I knew that I wanted fishing/culinary skills in the end. So I leveled to 15 Arcanist and went beyond, stopping at level 23. I had read that you needed Arcanist to 15 and Thaumaturge to 30 to be a Black Mage which sounded awesome, however, now that my Thaumaturge is 11 I have found other information that is making me curious.

1. When you get your chocobo combat abilities at level 30, you will have a pet that could dps, tank or heal as a companion pet.
2. As an arcanist you already can summon a carbunkle.
3. Can you have a Chocobo Healing companion and a Tanking Carbunkle out at the same time?
4. If you do summoner, can you have a Chocobo Healing pet and a Summoned Primal-Essence at the same time?

Those are my questions... if anyone knows the answer.

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