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Bringing Down the Mountain (Lv 30)Follow

#1 Aug 29 2013 at 5:38 AM Rating: Good
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I need some help with how to defeat this quest.

Your Team: Here is the set-up. You have an NPC healer and NPC Marauder helping you.
The Opposition: There is a giant buffalo Kujata with high damage AoE which can be difficult to avoid and insane amount of hp. There are also spawning waves of jackals.

Typically, the NPC marauder will take on the waves of jackals. He usually buys you about 5 minutes before collapsing. The healer typically focuses on you until the jackals overwhelm her or the buffalos AoE eliminates her.

I've tried focusing purely on Kujata without success. I've tried helping with the jackals to see if I can extend the battle time. They are pretty low hp adds so Bloodbath and Overpower will restore decent amounts of HP. I am about to make some higher level gear. I was just wearing level 25 gear for this quest.

Any tips? thoughts?

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