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Pros and cons of spending Attribute points on ArcFollow

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Hello guys,

I was hoping that some of you more seasoned Arcanists could point me in a direction with how to spend my Attribute Points and what results I can expect depending on the choices of attributes to buff. With Cnj, it's a no-brainer to dump points in Wis and with Thm it's equally herp-derp to ignore Int.

Cnj seems a lot more versatile in the roles you can play in a party and the mechanics of what may or may not make my pet stronger is lost on me. I'm only level 10 and wanted to see if I'm looking at things correctly or WAY off.

My hypothesis is that if I dump points on WIS, then I will be able to support Carby as a tank a whole lot better. However, if Carbuncle takes characteristics directly from my stats, then I would also want to put some points in VIT and even Dex. If there is no correlation, though, then that would be a terrible waste of points on a mage class. Transversely, if I wanted to be more of a back-row damage dealer, then will my INT score help strengthen my DOTs, debuffs and spells? At this very early stage, I seem to be barely using MP at all, so unlike FFXI it seems like this class isn't affected by MP burn, but does that change later on and should I be gearing up for it by pumping up my piety while I'm not in a hole?

There's also the X factor of not really knowing what the hell I'm talking about at all :) Maybe Strength helps Carby become a badass. If there is a walkthrough of this stuff, feel free to send me a link and tell me to RTFM.

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