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#1 Aug 30 2013 at 2:25 PM Rating: Excellent
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So let's get the ball rolling! I know some of us are still working on becoming black mages but others have completed or gotten pretty far up there.

I would like this to be a general thread about what you think BLM's role will be in the end and general thoughts so far. What does BLM bring to the table that other jobs do not?

We seem to have retained many abilities from RDM in FFXI. How to use them properly is another story. Convert is no where near as profound as the XI equivalent.

Sleep now shares diminishing returns. And, most importantly, sleep may be cast on a mob that has a DoT on it. Quite interesting.

Taking archer to 34 will be mandatory since we have very few useful cross class abilities and quelling strikes is too good to pass up. We have little tools to help us survive but are they enough? No longer can we silence, paralyze, and, probably the biggest, stun mobs like in 11.

My theory is that BLMs will be stuck on crowd control duties with our trait that allows sleep to spread to a 5 yalm radius. Yes, THM will have the same ability but it looks like THM has access to more useful cross class abilities than BLM.

My casts are not interrupted very often so I use surecast sparsely. I'm sad that swiftcast is on such a high CD because it's one of the only ways to get off a quick AoE in FATEs.

What stat do you think we'll stack after INT? How much is too much INT? Which would you go for first?

Piety looks decent but considering the rate at which we regen mana plus having convert makes it obsolete. VIT may be viable due to our low HP pools.

Thoughts? :D

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