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help needed with tankingFollow

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for background, I played ffxi for a really long time, did war, nin, pld, rdm and blm so im familiar with micro management etcnhowever, im not too used to the tanking style in ffxiv, and i believe it is more akin to other modern day MMO than ffxi.

1) AoE tanking
I dont find this all that hard. i would run in with tomahawk, toss a flash and mobs are usually on me; when the fight drags on, i will just throw in an overpower. My questions are, however, how many mobs am i expected to take on at the same time? and am i expected to run about? because the dps need positions and if i run abt trying to grab mobs, that will disrupt their positions

2) Avoiding the red circles/squares/cones
This is quite similar to the above qn. How is the best way to avoid those skills? Is the best way just to run forward, and run back after the skill is over, so the dps do not have to move too much?

3) Target selection
This has been quite difficult for me. I play on keyboard and i use the Tab key. is there a better way to select targets?

4) Marking
I usually mark the one im engaging as #1, and when it dies, i just mark the next as #1, so anything i am not engaging wont be marked. is that sufficient? should i mark #1-3?

Thanks guys!

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