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Yes I am going to mention the whole no new account thing, and no, I am not going to read the forum rules that are pertinent to it.

Because you know what, the question of when the **** can I play this game only stops being relevant when I can play this ******* game. Or when I can get a direct and certain answer to the question, When, the ****, can I play this ******* game?
So…When, the ****, can I play this ******* game?

The official website sort of obliquely references this coming Monday as a ‘maybe’ for a digital download, and while I can appreciate a specified date for the release of a game, I have to wonder what relevance the stated official release date has when the company making the release can just say, **** it we’ll release this to the general public whenever the **** we feel like…maybe.

I spent about 3 years playing World of Warcraft after I spent about 4 years playing FFXI, and when people started describing FFXIV as another WoW clone I thought

‘**** yeah, The brilliant storytelling of Square mixed with the innovative mmo gameplay of Blizzard…What’s not to love?’

No seriously hear me out on this one…

Come on…

Ah man, don’t be a baby…

Ok, so for the 3 of you who are still reading this here is the deal.

Square is the all-time grand champion video game publisher in terms of storytelling, it’s not even close.

On the other hand Blizzard released World of Warcraft. Which I, like most FFXI players, avoided like the plague when it came out. And I'll be god damned if I wasn't wrong for doing so. WoW introduced so many concepts to the genre that it's pathetic to think that I dodged the game because it was a 'copycat'.

It brought to mind when I was a child and I spent my money from my first job to buy a Sega Genesis, and my best friends uncle called sonic the hedgehog a copycat of super Mario brothers.

In a sense it was...but on the other hand that's sort of like calling Isaac Asimov's 'The end of Eternity' a copycat of H.G. Wells 'The Time Machine' Sure they are both science fiction stories about time travel, but making a product in the same genre is not the same as directly copying an art piece.

(BTW both of those books kick ***.)

For an example, compare and contrast 'The End of Eternity' vs. 'The Time Machine' and than compare and contrast the movie 'Avatar' vs. the short story 'Call Me Joe'
It's the same ******* story. [except James Cameron has gotten a pass ever sinse the movie 'Aliens' (which he deserved a pass for.)]
So when I say World of Warcraft is better than FFXI it's not some random nonsense I arrived at as a fanboy of one or the other developers, it's just the truth.

And not just because I was a 'quote' fanboy. but because I played the beta of WoW, and it was absolute ********** In fact my prediction was that people would never fully adopt WoW because the game played like an early 80’s text adventure, but with times infinity more crashes.

And of course I don’t need to tell you that I was proven completely and utterly wrong.

And not because Blizz fans are idiots, or WoW caters to casual gamers, or whatever other ******** fanboys (like myself) used to tell themselves, but because blizzard understood a very basic thing about mmorpgs, and video games in general.

People want to spend an hour or two playing a game each day, tops.
It’s that simple really.

There are hundreds of classic games that you can run through in less than an hour that nobody will call you a poser for ******** about how long it takes to collect powerups.

Furthermore, the first thing people think when they create a character isn’t “God I hope my character can properly heal the tank so that the dps players get a chance at a rare drop.” No, it’s “I’m the best WHM ever!” and I can’t wait to prove it through comparison to other WHM’s.
Deny it all you want, but when you rolled your first job in FFXI, you weren’t thinking about how great a team player you were going to be. You were thinking about how much better than every other player you were going to be at your selected job. And Blizzard capitalized on this very basic part of the human psyche by introducing an intuitive and responsive PvP system to the game which allowed players (like myself) to not give two ***** about endgame, or 14 hour dungeons, or anything else that required a player to play for more than a couple hours a day.

Now, this is generally where people start to pound there chest and talk about how they are a truer square fan, or a truer RPG fan because they are willing to sacrifice more of their personal time to be marginally better equipped than their peers.

And, you know what, I’ll give you all that. You are the truest fan of Square that has ever lived, and no matter what I do for the rest of my life none of my accomplishments will ever top the time you saved your dunes party from a Boggart, or the time you tanked Genji…I don’t care really. Just insert whatever scenario and I’ll endorse my inferiority to it…

All I ask is that Square finally allow me to download a digital copy of this ******* sweet looking game, because I went to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target today and they were sold out. (Other than the PS3 version.)

And is that too much to ask?

I mean I stuck it out through the first year that WoW was clearly the superior game (that’s right I said it.) but I have to wait in line behind not just the pre-order folks, but the other people who decided to buy the game day of as if they were somehow more loyal than a person who spent four years grinding in old school style dungeons . [unless I want to buy on PS3…(I don’t.)]
I mean doesn’t the fact that PS4 is coming out this fall make them less of a fan boy because they are purchasing on a platform that will be outdated in a few months?

Oh, come on just let me play.

I’m too proud to beg…

All right fine I’m begging just let me play please.
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Well written and props for giving credit where it's due. Not a lot of FF fans will do that and it's nice to see.

Anyway, short answer... the servers are way over crowded and it won't be addressed(tentatively) until sometime this week. I'd assume that SE will lift the hold on digital downloads to coincide with that, but I'd wait until then if I were you. Currently, you either need to be trying to login at an off time (early AM or late night) or get lucky. There are still also some issues involving disconnects so it's probably best to wait it out.

You remember how SE was on the technical/service aspect of FFXI, you'll probably already understand.
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30 bucks is almost free

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Its personal preference and all, but yes we need to educate WoW players that this is OUR game, these are Characters and not Toons. Time to beat that into them one at a time.
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