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#52 Sep 04 2013 at 10:47 AM Rating: Good
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BartelX wrote:

Unfortunately, we just don't have the luxury to really wait. I can't be responsible for 200+ members myself, nor can I be on 24/7 to moderate people. Even adding Thayos will not cover that. We need to get some people put into these positions in order to keep order in the shell and maintain a leadership presence at all/most times. The officers that we pick will be given a trial basis to prove themselves, and everyone will be able to give their input after a 2-4 week period to decide if they should continue on as officers. At that time, we will also allow other members to step and be given a trial in leadership positions if there are others interested (or more nominations come in). This is the fairest way I can think to do it, while also being the fastest way to get some people in that can add some control and directions to the company when myself or Thayos are not available.

This is what I picture every time you mention trial basis.

Smiley: grin

edit: wrong pic... doh.

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#53 Sep 04 2013 at 10:48 AM Rating: Good
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I guess it's my turn to introduce myself.

I'm also an old FFXI veteran, I was a Pld and a war on Lakshmi back in the day I played almost to the end of wing of the goddess. I was second in command on in my end-game shell. My role in the shell was mostly to organize people to be sure that a run was succesfull. That included:

- Reading up/devising a strategy for new activity.
- Preparing and teaching that information to the members of the shell
- Preparing any supply the shell needed for a run (for example, I always had extra food, sneak oil and invis powder in bazaar should a members need them in the run
- Welcoming new members, explaining rules and DKP systems, making sure they had all the information for shell activities that might be new for them but well knows to the regular members.

Things that I didn't do because I totally hate it:
- Advertizing and Recruiting (really, I suck at it)

I always had the approach to plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. For me, being an officer is being calm and always lead by example.

More on the personal side. I live in Montréal in Canada, that means that my first language is French. While I speak and write English very well, I still have a French accent. I always worked in customer service, mostly Technical support. That made me very good to explain something (anything) that I understand to someone.

I'm currently working in a Telco business division as a tech-for-hire kind of a job for business customer. I specialize into Microsoft Lync products.

I'm currently taking my time to level in FFXIV, I'm waiting for my girlfriend which is also playing to catch me up at level 20. We plan to enjoy the story together. Once she we are able to connect both at the same time thanks to our dear 1017, we will progress faster. I'm also an avid gatherer and crafter, currently leveling bot, miner, arm, bst, and carpenter. (Also taking my time and trying not to buy too much stuff and save gil)

Thanks for reading so far.

This isn't part of my presentation but mostly a suggestion to the selection process. Since we have a huge FC and we have player from all around the world. We might look into make sure that we have an officer from different timezone. I'm not talking just EST and PST but also from Europe, Australia, etc So that we have maximum coverage of officer and that activities can be organized in those timezone as well (I guess that officer with non-standart playtime also work)
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