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Proper ways to Tank?Follow

#1 Sep 04 2013 at 6:54 PM Rating: Good
Ok, I've never really played a tank in any MMO's. In FFXI I was a Red Mage, so "hate," "enmity," and "threat" are all new concepts for me.

I'm only level 32, but it seems like every party I get into people say I'm not taking properly, this could be true, but I am trying the best I can...

Basically, every time I'm in an instance I run over to a group of mobs and I spam flash about once or twice, then I use my combo Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Herone. Sometimes I spam flash between each move, and I use Shield Swipe as often as it becomes available.

ANY tips, tricks, or even gear ideas would be beneficial!

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