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#1 Sep 06 2013 at 7:45 AM Rating: Default
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So - what do you all do about mob marking?

I play on PS3 (I am trying to re-configure it so that all I need to use is my keyboard and mouse that I have plugged in instead of the controller...targeting !><!), so the marking is a little cumbersome. I have heard there are some macros that can help, but I am still an extreme newb at FFXIV marcros.

The only time I have used marking so far is by marking a weak target in a group of 3-4 as "1" and saying "sleep 1 to pull please", then I will target the next weakest mob, shield lob as they are incoming, burn flash, then go into my flexible rotation.

I guess the main points would be: Do you all use marking and find it very helpful? And: Is there a smooth system to mark mobs besides becoming a savant at PS3 targeting and marking?

PS - I think GLDs are the best tank class in game, simply because if you are a smart GLD, you can hold AE aggro with little to no problems, but if you are a smart MRD, you cannot mitigate your damage any better : D

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