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PSA: You have to beat Ifrit before you can flag the SMN quesFollow

#1 Sep 06 2013 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah, I'm a dumbass...

I've been waiting to do the main story line quests with some friends, so I barged ahead with ACN and hit 30 with a bunch of Fates and Hunting Logs. I was able to complete the SCH quest, then realized that my THM was only lvl 8.

Jump to 2am, and night guy has finished the 7 levels of THM. Feeling pretty good about myself, I want to flag the quest and lay down for some deserved rest. Much to my dismay, the guild NPC had a red quest icon over her head. Checking the quest notes, it was confirmed that Ifrit will need to be taken down first. I feel like I should have known that already. /facepalm

Just a heads up to those who weren't aware.
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