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Proper rotation post 45? BLMFollow

#1 Sep 06 2013 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey folks,

I'm still trying to work out the best rotation I can playing the BLM. I'm currently lvl 47, and doing fairly well, but I'm always open to seeing how others play to better my own gameplay if possible. Anyway, I've discovered while soloing I will typically start with Thunder 3 from a distance, hit the mob with the 20% slow/heavy spell, use extra dmg buff (if it's up), then use insta-cast, blizz 3, then fire 3, and rotate those 2 until mob is dead. I will try to use any instant casts like thundercloud etc if they come up and will hit a fire 1 or Scythe here and there if mob is that low and fire 3 is just wasting mana to finish it off.

I'm thinking I'm missing something from astral fire etc at the end, but what I've noticed is when I just rotate between blizzard and fire I never run out of MP, and the spells cast faster. What I don't really know is if this is good, bad, or ugly DPS. I just know it works pretty well for me thus far. Any ideas or rotations you guys use would be nice to see! Thanks in advance.

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