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#1 Sep 08 2013 at 11:49 AM Rating: Good
I've assembled more or less a static team of folks in my FC that play at the same time as I do and are very similar in level. My strategy when I'm tanking is fairly basic, I think, and involves just... well, keeping hate with one mob :P When we have multiple mobs I use Flash and the other mobs are slept while we hit them one at a time. When things go ******* crazy or when our THM isn't on, I cycle between all the mobs after Flashing and Fast Blade > Savage Blade to maintain hate away from the healers as necessary.

I recently got into a discussion with another tank you said I was 'doing it wrong', which I took with a grain of salt but then asked myself if I honestly was. I don't think I am because we never wipe due to tanking reasons.

Am I doing it right? What can I be doing better? Obviously when I'm spamming a single target because hate generation isn't happening on the other mobs I'm going through a normal cycle of Shield Bash for stun and that... other one at like 26 that throws your sword around forever and is an Attack Down.

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