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#1 Sep 08 2013 at 11:49 AM Rating: Good
I've assembled more or less a static team of folks in my FC that play at the same time as I do and are very similar in level. My strategy when I'm tanking is fairly basic, I think, and involves just... well, keeping hate with one mob :P When we have multiple mobs I use Flash and the other mobs are slept while we hit them one at a time. When things go ******* crazy or when our THM isn't on, I cycle between all the mobs after Flashing and Fast Blade > Savage Blade to maintain hate away from the healers as necessary.

I recently got into a discussion with another tank you said I was 'doing it wrong', which I took with a grain of salt but then asked myself if I honestly was. I don't think I am because we never wipe due to tanking reasons.

Am I doing it right? What can I be doing better? Obviously when I'm spamming a single target because hate generation isn't happening on the other mobs I'm going through a normal cycle of Shield Bash for stun and that... other one at like 26 that throws your sword around forever and is an Attack Down.

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#2 Sep 08 2013 at 6:27 PM Rating: Good
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If the mobs are staying on you, the healer isn't going OOM all the time, and dps aren't dying from pulling hate, then you are doing just fine. There's no One Set Way to tank (especially given the two tank classes play very differently). It's all about what works for you and your group.

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#3 Sep 09 2013 at 7:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Taratru wrote:
If the mobs are staying on you, the healer isn't going OOM all the time, and dps aren't dying from pulling hate, then you are doing just fine. There's no One Set Way to tank (especially given the two tank classes play very differently). It's all about what works for you and your group.

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Great sentiment right there - you need to play to your own strengths. If you are weak at targeting, you might was to use flash more, if you are a pro at targeting, you can probably get away with all TP based attacks and keep all the mobs on you. The people who come in and say "that's wrong" usually have one specific set of things they do that works for them, and don't consider the merits of other options.

The best advice that I can give with my experience so far is to stay flexible at all times - don't become to rigid in what you do, or the routine you hammer down. Get good at all the things your capable of.
#4 Sep 11 2013 at 11:36 PM Rating: Good
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I think you have to pay attention to every fight and tank each as they come. There is no right way, like everyone above agrees. If you're effective, the party moves along with a decent pace and your DD's aren't running circles around the party yelling "get this thing off me!" you're doing fine. There are ways you can manipulate your rotations to work for you and it really depends on what kind of heads up casters you have, if you're getting mobs CC'd your job changes, if you're not you have to make sure you're juggling agro against the healer (or some undisciplined DD's). The best advice is setup a routine with the group, the first few pulls are important to give them an idea how you operate: do you mark, do you request CC, do you lose to heal agro, do you break CC, etc. Once you have a rhythm you can be a bit slacker, or move quicker and you can get a feel if the group can keep up--or if you need to keep up with the group.
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#5 Sep 13 2013 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
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yeah your're not doing sh*t wrong, i also have to add it has a lot to do with the party you get thrown into, some people think their mage isn't a fluff cloud that can dish dmg out quicker than they get hit, which reallly can mess with a tanking job, like i was running sash last night (mind you im lvl 21 so i synced to a high stat based person) but the archer would consistently pull mobs off of me that i had pulled, and would always go after a mob that we as a group were not going after, or same with the lancer, which made my job very very hard. Shield lobbing with a macro will always help, which i highly suggest reading it seriously opened my eyes up to the possibilities of being a tank, and the combos you can create with cross classing.

A viable thing is knowing your flash skill with not interrupt your fast blade, to savage combo. WHICH IS EXCELLENT, it really helping with being able to lob at a kiting ADD, then fast blade it, flash to keep amenity up, then finish with your savage, i also really like starting my attacks with a straight shot just for Crit purposes, which to me makes sense as a tank because the more DMG you are doing, the more hate you attract the better a time everyone will have and the easier a time the healer will have.

Other experiences occur with realizing WHO you need to be drawing attention from first, always know ADDS are not your main concern, if that Primal gets away from you it could end up in catastrophe if its draw towards any other member, especially since WE have covalesence not other classes, which i feel like people need to start utilizing more in dark situations where you think you may be dying, we cross class for a reason, right gents? other viable skills are quite obvious buffs, which i mean honestly can be used to your own discretion.

It's like everyone has said so far, this is no right way to tank all battles call for a different handling, its just learning from your different experiences and being able to do so on the fly. there is only a wrong way, and that's if you let everyone die constantly from mobs ditching you(which is there fault not yours) being the babysitter sucks, but its a great feeling when you go through a raid your first time and realize, holy sh*t no one died because of me. and that is excellent

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