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Weaver - 20-30 without diremite web guideFollow

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Weaver Guide for going 20-30 without diremite web:
A leve in Uldah called 'doublet jepordy' or something similar. (asks for cotton doublet of gathering) - occasionally rewards 4 diremite web
A leve in Quarrymill asking for cotton dress gloves - occasionally rewards 11 diremite web

Favorite quarrymill (~150gil to tp there from uldah)
Home point uldah (free to tp back if you wait)

Here's what I do:
Buy 200 cotton bolls (1800gil)
Buy 10 hard leather (310~gil, cheaper and better if you craft em yourself))
Make 10 HQ brass ingots (lvl 14 gold smith, 24 gil each if you buy raw from guild) (or buy NQ ingot for 68gil a piece)
Turn 200 cotton bolls into 100 threads ( 20 HQ threads 80 NQ)
Turn 80 NQ threads into 40 HQ Cotton cloths

Now you have
10 hard leathers
10 HQ brass ingots
20 HQ cotton thread
40HQ cotton clothe

Make 1 HQ Cotton doublet vest of gathering,
Grab the levequest from uldah
Teleport to quarrymill
Hand in for 30k exp ~900gil

Grab the levequest in quarrymill for Cotton dress gloves (2 cotton cloth, 1 cotton thread)
Reward for HQ is ~18k exp and ~900 gil

Do this level until return is available/afk and wait for return, then go get the leve in uldah again. I would do gloves in quarrymil until it stopped giving diremite web, or grab it while it was offering web and save it for the next trip.

Profit margins
this is 10 doublets + 10 cotton gloves
[300k exp + 9k gil] + [180k exp + 9k gil]
10 tps = 1500 gil
Raw materials = 2350 ( assuming you buy hard leather, and make brass ingots hq, can be cheaper if you make the hard leather)

Total loss: 3850
Total Gain: ~18000
Net: 14k gil profit (more if you sell diremite web/dew thread, on my server web sells for 300, thread goes for 800)
EXP is 480k (enough to go from 20 even to 25.99%, in actuality, you will be 26, almost 27 due to getting 5k per combine for the vests/gloves when you count the subs.
~Ended up with ~50-60 diremite web, which i turned into dew thread and sold for a huge profit since i wont be doing velveteen, just these 2 leves until 30. So 30 threads ~ 24k gil extra

So as you can see you will make 14k gil (new gil into the economy), and 24k extra should you choose to sell the diremite web/thread along the way. If you are impatient you can TP back to uldah and not wait, but it eats into your profits, as teleporting back to uldah without it being a favorite is about 450, so you are looking at 450+150 for teleports, and 900 profit. So in the end you will barely break even (minus the diremite web).

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