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Show me your tank macros!!!!Follow

#1 Sep 16 2013 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
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I have three that I have found pretty useful (I use a controller mostly or would have a few more mouseover macros like mo provoke)

For pulling I use this macro to automatically mark the target with a 1 and then use it when I switch to new targets to open/mark:

/macroicon "Shield Lob"
/marking attack1
/ac "Shield Lob" <t>

Offensive CD macro, it pops three abilities back to back, I put the /wait 1 in there so I don't have to spam it although sometimes I do anyway (e.g. if I accidentally press it before the GCD has reached the input point), but if you cast it when off GCD it will cast them back to back to back.

/macroicon "Bloodbath" (I personally use bloodbath b/c the CD is 90 seconds but any of them will work)
/echo {Convalescence} GO
/ac "Convalescence" <me>
/wait 1
/echo {Bloodbath} GO
/ac "Bloodbath" <me>
/wait 1
/echo {Fight or Flight} GO
/ac "Fight or Flight" <me>

Defensive CD macro:

/macroicon "Foresight" (or rampart)
/echo {Foresight} GO
/ac "Foresight" <me>
/echo {Rampart} GO
/wait 1
/ac "Rampart" <me>

You can stack /wait 30 three times and /echo to let you know when the 90 sec CDs are up but it doesn't work if you use another macro before the CD timer is up.

Mouseover provoke/cover:

/ac "Provoke" <mo>

/ac "Cover" <mo>

provoke/cover target of target

/ac "Provoke" <tt>

/ac "Cover" <tt>

Anyone have any other useful tanking macros they'd like to post?

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