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I want to be a good Lancer...Follow

#1 Sep 17 2013 at 1:00 PM Rating: Good
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Can someone point me to a good guide to set up Macros and in great detail explain what the abilities do? DRG has always been my favorite job/class. When FFXIV was announced and they had a LNC (even before it was the path to DRG) I wanted to use this and be good at it. Now I'm reading that there are certain conditions under which we go from decent DDs to amazing DDs. I'm just trying to put in some more research coupled with my hands on experience to be the best LNC I can be. I enjoyed playing FFXI with strangers, and after a party was over having someone ask me "Can I add you to my friend list? I loved the way you did ____ with your DRG!"

tl;dr version: Can you link some good LNC guides? Please & Thank you!

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The more I train, the harder I get. The harder I get, the more lethal I am. The more lethal I am, the fewer opponents. The fewer opponents, the less to lose. The less to lose, the more I let up. The more I let up, the more room for mistakes. The more room for mistakes, the more I train.

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