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Why is it that players seem retarded to multi-tasking. I come from FFXI before the WoW days, they seem to freak out I can tank and main heal and pull at the same time. I left that game 2009 when I got engaged to a guy I met on it in real life. I ran a endgame linkshell from 2003 and up. I basically had to train and teach how to dps with summoner and heal and solo. Also how to solo HNM if they have to deal with a wipe.

I am having to deal with these white mages of what are you doing. You are a DPS why are you even healing. I am use to dealing with WHM that like to heal last second. They do this on this and seem shocked I will heal a tank if his health is at 50%. I will basically take over healing and won't let them do it if I see they are the type I had to deal with in FFXI. I do not like wiping when the battle is easy and I can just heal the raid.

I came to this version because I got tired of dealing with ****** MMO's. I was scared the endgame would be this way in Beta because of the automatic skills. It was what stops retards from getting to endgame without using skills. They could level in 3 days in XI also if they knew how. It's not magic its only that you do not have to play and learn how to play anymore. This endgame looks like its turning into DC Universe Online. They rushed through almost all content without learning. Do not have the patients to try to work together and just get through content.

Only problem I have with this game is I cannot enter dungeons alone. They pretty much made Summoner OP for the players that come from the old MMO. No more having to run across a zone to solo something. I can sit right their and control everything even pop ups and group them together. It's like heaven because you can basically plan everything you do. I would love to not deal with these players that seem to not know how to handle you playing and watching your surrounding at the same time.

I am leveling WHM now and I also notice most Arc and SMN do not know how to use the role. I saw a level 25 struggle using a Topaz Carbuncle when it can just use Obey and gather all the links and group kill. I notice also SCH do not realize it works like puppetmaster that you have to keep pressing what you want to control the healer pet.

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