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SCH Questions: Stoneskin and Mind Potions (was forum=304)Follow

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Fellow Scholars I would like to lean on the knowledge of my peers and get some information about two questions I've had on my mind about Scholar.

1. How useful/necessary is it to put up Stoneskin as SCH? It would feel like a bit of a chore leveling CNJ to 34 to get it, but I certainly will if it will be of great benefit to my party. Any thoughts on this?

2. I've read a great tid bit of information regarding maximizing the healing potential of Eos and Selene. Apparently if you drink a mind potion directly before summoning either Fairy that it supercharges their stats. Pet stats are based off of our stats at the time of summoning, so drinking a mind potion gives a lot of added healing power to our little friends. Has anyone been actively doing this or experimented with this. I just recently read this online today and one SCH was claiming that his EoS can pretty much solo heal AV and is dropping 1.2k heals. Would love to hear personal experiences

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