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#1 Sep 23 2013 at 2:01 PM Rating: Good
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I'm shocked were don't have one on of these yet.

Anyways right now I'm level 42 and getting closer to 50 everyday but I'm running into a big problem. I'm getting more great options and I'm not really sure what gear I should be aiming for or what stats I should prioritize over another.

1) str is this the main thing I should be stacking?
2)dex does this mean anything to lnc/drg
3) vit I assume I need this for hp?

Now here is where I'm having problems
Acc. I know in ffxi for drg this was one of the most important stats but I don't find my self missing often should I worry about acc?

Crit+ how important is this stat? how much should I shot for? And is it with it to take pieces with higher crit+ that might have lower str

Determination+ same questions as crit+

And is skill speed worth bothering with?

Thanks for all your help and advice in advance

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