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SMN and SCH gear 45-50Follow

#1 Sep 24 2013 at 9:32 AM Rating: Excellent
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Putting this in the ACN forum instead of SCH or SMN since I am working on both jobs. Up until this point, I've been using the same set of gear for both jobs. (Yes, INT gear on SCH because I was getting higher MND using INT accessories and Cleric Stance than using MND accessories. That has changed now).

I got level 45 last night, something I wanted to accomplish before I ran the first Garuda fight. Got my AF for both jobs, and am working to find a good set until I get to 50 and can use Darklight and stuff. (FYI, the fight for SCH AF is more than just a bit rough when a FATE pops right on top of you).

Is AF acceptable for those last few levels? What do I use for a body piece? I picked up a Harlequin's Acton for my SCH fairly cheaply on the Market Board. In fact, I was on SCH when I logged out this morning, so you can see my current gear here: - Ignore the body picture of a red woolen robe if you see it; it's actually the Acton.

My SMN's gear is similar, only I'm using a HQ Woolen Robe (no materia), and HQ INT accessories instead of HQ MND. And SMN AF instead of SCH AF obviously. I was thinking a Coliseum Shawl for my SMN, but I'll have to run Darkhold (unlocked that last night too) for that since they run more than I can afford on the Market right now. However, I might be blinded to something better by the fact that I just really like how the Shawl looks :D

Any suggestions between now and the truly good stuff?

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