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Movement - Questions for avoiding AoE.Follow

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I have to admit I am absolutely terrible at avoiding AoE's. I got carried through Titan story mode while dead down at the bottom. I just completed Stone Vigil last night and that last boss had a field day with me. I am going to get to some Hardmode runs before too long and I'm fairly sure I will be that player that is dragging the team down.

Movement tips?

First of all I generally play in Standard mode. Pressing "Back" in standard mode has your character mosey backwards at 1/2 movement speed. Left/Right turns the camera which really doesn't work for boss fights. So I've taken to changing to Legacy mode for boss battles. I have my Saved Camera waaay back, in fact all the way back. In Legacy mode, left/right actually moves you left/right. And back is at full speed. In Legacy mode pressing any button starts me immediately moving at full speed in any direction.

First, questions: Do you guys play in Legacy mode?

Secondly, a friend has explained to me that he basically fights bosses with his Right Mouse Button held down the whole time. So he can swivel that camera around fast. He is a Tank so awareness of the battlefield is doubly important for him.

Secondly: Do you mainly hold down the right mouse button during boss fights?

Now we come to the real crux of my problem. When that red circle appears under me I move right away. To me it seems like right away. But I still get hit. About 90% of the time I still get hit. That is way too high to be even attempting Hardmode and I know it. Considering some of the boss rotations I've seen posted, it would seem that the way to really avoid AoE is know it's coming.

Most of the bosses use the same abilities in a predictable pattern?

Finally, moving into an AoE. I know it's coming, so I just stop casting and get ready to run. The red circle appears under me and I run, run, run, right into a second red circle! Aww, geez. Dead again. For the record, I generally use Scathe while moving, but lately I have not been because I use the setting "Automatically face target when using an ability".

Do you "Automatically face target when using abilities"?

I find that this can easily flip around your running direction and now you are running right at the mob. So I turn it off, but then I end up spending time rotating the camera to face mobs, especially in hectic battles. Or worse, just standing there spamming a button, and doing nothing, because I'm too lame to remember I turned off the "Auto-face" setting.

So I am trying as best I can to learn how people have their movement settings setup. Legacy/Standard? Auto-face? Memorize boss patterns to predict the next ability? I get very little time to play FFXIV. I really want to play a ton more. I'm going to have to live with what I can get practice-wise . I have great long-time LS friends who will let me come to their runs and carry me through no problem. But I want to kick ***, not be carried. Any info about how you stay nimble as a casting class, which primarily needs to stand still, would be super helpful!


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