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#1 Sep 27 2013 at 1:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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Figured we should start something like this up before everything gets buried or lost! For instance, we have a really great thread on thunder but it's stuck in the main forums unfortunately. I'd also like to start linking to information from other websites regarding abilities and such.

I especially need some help in checking the accuracy of other websites. For instance, I've already noted the discrepancy in the scathe description (between potency) in FFXIVInfo. If you see anything else like that, post here and let me know! In general, FFXIVInfo generally has some very informative links.

Also, if you think there's a better way to organize all this, please let me know!


BLM requirements
List of THM spells and abilities
List of BLM spells and abilities


Stat priority for BLM (and all classes)
BLM rotations
Dodging AoE as a caster
Some macro advice


General BLM guide
HM primal guide for BLMs
Gnu's Macro Guide (Link #1)
Gnu's Macro Guide (Link #2)


BLM and food
BLM ilevel 90 gear comparison


Thunder or no thunder?
Preliminary discussion over including thunder in rotations


BLM spell cast time and MP cost at 50
Information on umbral ice ticks
Some parses on BLM for testing thunder 1 and 3

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