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Targeting and Hot/Cross bar management for healers 101Follow

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This if for all conjurers out there, whether you just hit level 15 and are having hard time to keep people alive, or level 50 and want to improve your HPS (healing per second) together with adding more DPS's for those though fights.

Controller settings: (Keyboard/mouse people please skip this)
Targeting party members is much more intuitive since you can use the pad's UP and DOWN to go through your party list, most of the macros using the targeting <mo> (mouse over) in this guide won't help you much, still there is one thing that you should keep in mind:

Cross bar settings on "Toggle" make healers life sad. Very sad indeed, if you leveled another non-healing class first, probably you reached the conclusion that the cross bar on Toggle settings was the easiest way to target and using skills at the same time, however since healers have to use the controller's pad to target party members this setting becomes a nightmare as you will unintentionally fire abilities when you are trying to select someone, I ask you to take a leap of faith here, there is no way around it, after a long pilgrimage on the internet I couldn't find any solution for it, I suggest you to save some time and change your crossbar settings.

Your crossbar settings will benefit more from either "Hold" or "Mixed", Mixed require some training but it will eventually serve you well, "Hold" may require you to change your settings every time you go back to a non-healing class.

Keyboard/mouse settings: (Controller people please skip this)
You don't need shortcuts to select across your party members the appropriate macros with the target "Mouse over"(<mo>) is as fast and does not require to memorize/use an extra keybind.


Cure/Regen abilities:
/macroicon "{Ability name}"
/ac "{Ability Name}" <mo>
/ac "{Ability Name}" <t>

This cascade macro attempts to target whatever is under your mouse pointer first and if it can't, your current target will receive the spell, it works great to select your main healing target (for example the tank) and hover your mouse over anyone needing a quick heal. For those of you who are still new to macro writing "/macroicon" displays all the information for the ability on the cross/hot bar as the ability icon itself (recast, mana/tp cost, combo dotted frame) except the tool tip and the casting distance.

Note: some people will recommend a 4th line with the place holder <me> to cast the ability on yourself in case you have no target and your mouse is not over anyone's name or character, However be aware, cascade macros start even when the GCD (global cool down) is still off, you will find situations (specially when you are spamming the macro key) where the first two lines (<mo> and <t>) happen during the GCD and when it's finally off it fires the 3rd line targeting yourself unintentionally.

CC (crowd control) all in one:
/macroicon "Fluid Aura"
/ac "Fluid Aura" <t>
/ac "Fluid Aura" <ignore1>
/ac "Repose" <t>
/ac "Repose" <ignore1>

With the macro icon for the longer delayed ability we have better control over its cool-down. The 3rd and 5th lines are designed for awesome tanks that recognize that their mages are sleeping targets and include the "Ingore1"(red crossed circle with 1) marking. This macro is really really helpful (have to give credit to Reddit where I originally found it) because Fluid Aura and Repose have a large difference in casting distances it will automatically sleep something that is far away or push away something that is close, moreover if you get close enough to your sleep target you can push/bind it first and then sleep it by pressing this macro twice which lowers the chance of a close rage DPS awakening unintentionally.

Note: some people suggest add a line to mark with "ignore1" sleeping targets, I have an issue with ability macros including markings, the issue is that every time you reapply the macro the marking will be erased and sleep is often reapplied during battles.

Nuking macros:
/macroicon "{Ability name}"
/ac "{Ability Name}" <t>
/ac "{Ability Name}" <tt>

I'm sure you all have seen this macro already, but it's here for the sake of completion, basically if your current target is not valid for the spell your are using it will attempt it on your target's target, in short it helps you to attack what every your tank is attacking. Lastly don't be fooled by the white robes or the wood stick you are also responsible for the damage pool of your team if anything it will help to speed things up.

Utility multi-spell macros:
Aero/Virus Macro:
/macroicon "Virus"
/ac "Aero" <t>
/ac "Aero" <tt>
/wait 1
/ac "Virus" <t>
/ac "Virus" <tt>

Regen/Eye for an Eye:
/macroicon "Eye for an Eye"
/ac "Regen" <mo>
/ac "Regen" <t>
/wait 1
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <t>

I'm a fan of saving Cross/hot bar space, I think the best way to do that is to include as much utility as possible in each action slot, these macros will have the icon for the spell with the longer cool-down, specially for regen it can be misleading, since the extra abilities (Virus and Eye for an eye) are meant to be used automatically the macro icon can be changed for the other spell without loosing much information. Naturally the Aero/Virus macro is optimized for those times when you are targeting your tank.

Nostalgia macro:
/macroicon "Protect"
/p {Gather together} {protect} in 3
/wait 2
/ac "Protect" <me>

FFXI player's hearths will warm just to see that, and it servers as a warning for your tank to wait for buffs before engaging.

Party listing order:
Yes you saw it here first fellows, you can actually alter the order of your party members, bring up the party menu, and you will notice in the bottom left corner up/down arrows which allow you to move your party members to any position you desire, that allows you to pack the important people (tanks and other healers) right under your name to focus your attention where it matters.

I hope these tips help you improve your healing performance and overall game commodity, feel free to drop anything missing form this guide in this thread, I'll try to update this post to include any additional information (giving the proper credit of course) as soon as time permits.

Have a nice day!


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