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Paradox - Hyperion, Recruiting EU members, NA restricted Follow

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Paradox is looking for serious EU Time Zone Members to help fill out our ranks.
Recruitment: EU Open, NA Restricted.


To provide an outlet for players to enjoy and advance through Final Fantasy 14 in an environment that is productive and fair with those who desire nothing else but to be the best as a player, member, and participant of the in-game community.

What is Paradox:
Paradox is a guild designed to be self-sufficient and allow members to do all functions of the game in one group. We are a dedicated group of players and have structured the LS in a way that has brought us success since Paradox was established in Jan 4, 2006.

Brief History:
Paradox began its life as an HNM shell on Final Fantasy 11 back on Jan 4th 2006. After a successful start we quickly expanded into a large endgame LS covering all areas of the game. We quickly matched and exceeded the levels of our main competitors in the following year. At the end of 2008 we transferred to the server Fenrir where we have been the dominate force in endgame since day 1. Paradox held over a 80% claim rate on all HNMs, establishing itself as one of the most successful einherjar/dyna/limbus groups on Fenrir, as well as having a large presence in the Sky and Sea scene. Version 1 of XIV we were one of the few guilds to survive since its release, and have accomplished all of the game’s content before shutdown. With the release of ARR we are now solidly on the way of progressing through the hardest content the game has to offer and gearing our members.

Currently in FFXIV:
We are currently active in progressing through Bahamuts Coil with multiple groups and working towards gearing and optimizing our guild getting members geared and leveled in multiple jobs. Events run every day, starting at the earlier hours of the day and going all the way to the midnight (noon-midnight EST).

Brief overview of Linkshell operations, structure, and amenities:
• Lotting: Attendance Based (managed by Systems)
• Leadership Structure: Corporate Hierarchy
• Bank: Full LS Bank System (managed by Systems)
• Voice Chat: Teamspeak (primary and Backup servers)
• Website:
• Forums:
• Other: Systems (advanced automated guild management system)
• Linkshell Type: Endgame
• Target Membership: 25 Nightly Members (Total guild membership will vary depending on attendance leveles)
• Expected Minimal Weekly Playtime per member: 24hrs
• Event Times: 3-7pm EST (8-12 GMT) and 8pm-12 EST
Basic Requirements to Join:
• Serious about FFXIV - This is not the place for you to "try out the game/patch". Members are expected to play consistently over time.
• Serious about endgame - This is not a social. While we understand people have real lives, we expect you to participate with the LS during events when you are able to be online.
• Willingness to improve - We expect members to have the desire to improve. This includes learning and adapting to new strategies. Some events may require specific job setups, so members will be expected to level up necessary jobs.
• Dedication - We allow members to be in social Linkshells, but we make it a requirement that you participate in events with Paradox during event hours. Being dedicated to Paradox, members are limited to having Paradox as their only endgame guild. Members cannot be in 2 endgame guilds due to a conflict of interest.
• Good Attitude – A good attitude is a requirement to have when talking on teamspeak and in FC chat. No forum drama or ‘trolling’.
• Know what you are joining - We are not a casual guild, if you want casual then you will not enjoy Paradox.

Specific Requirements:

EU: (Open Recruitment for Endgame)
1) At least 2 Jobs at 50 or 1 Job fully geared with relic.
2) Willingness to come on required jobs.

NA: (Restricted Recruitment)
1) At least 3 Jobs at 50 with at least one being a mage and one being a melee
2) Min of 28hrs of playtime a week
3) Primary job must be geared in at least darklite and relic weapon (+1 prefered)
4) NA is currently not accepting any more maintanks unless they are exceptionally geared... Meaning you have some Allagan gear and Relic shield and sword +1. (Main tank must be a pld, we will not be using Wars in Coil at this time)

Note: All new applicants need to show ability to perform in content. We are a serious endgame guild. We welcome new players but expect alot. We will not waste your time if you do not waste ours. Come in here with the intent to improve and progress. We will evaluate all members in the areas of Skill, Improvement, and Attitude.

Those interested please visit our website and send us an application. We will review it and get back to you within 48hrs.

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