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Is their an easy way to heal pets (ie carby) in party on ps3Follow

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I came across this problem and wanted to know if anyone else has found it, and maybe / hopefully found a better solution than I did.

Background: Playing CNJ - Im on a PS3 and using im using controller (obviously)

Issue: In a party setting its very easy to up /down target /soft target party members, but not say archanist pet. Normally probably not an issue as would be pets owner job in a full party, but while running a dungeon on saturday night, our Tank dropped the party, so while waiting for DF to hopefully find us a new Tank, our summoner pulled out the Tanky Carby while we cleared trash and worked towards boss. He asked me if their was a way for me to heal his pet easily. I couldnt really find an "easy" solution that i could implement quickly. I ended up enabling the mouse option thru the ps3 controller and hard targeting carby, then just soft targeting my other heals, but this leaves me a problem with having to split where i look to heal and who needs debuffs, while watching for aoe and other mechanics (versus comparing in the party list) and other issue if i lost hard target on it or had to hard target another player its not really easy to engage mouse mode on the fly while in battle to hard click carby again. it worked for the short time it took to get another tank, but defiantly made it a little tougher.

My other thought was to create a macro (although could use some help with that as my macro knowledge is fairly rudimentary) that would just do a soft target heal and then go back to my list and keep it in back up (wasnt an option that day as it would have taken me too long). but but then i need to scan the screen for his health asses based on just the bar length and would know if i needed to ensuna (unless i hard target cant tell if it has a debuff on). I guess I could create a macro that just hard target him, for when i need to re-aquire.

Does anyone else have some solutions? would be nice if their was an option to have them show in party list, but i couldnt find it.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions
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