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A Botanist Guide to 50.Follow

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As some of you may be aware, Botanist is in an entirely different ballpark when you hit 50. Using Truth of Forests, you have to find unspoiled harvesting/logging points and clear the debris away to uncover the items you wish to harvest. This is done easily enough with Toil of the Poineer, but that also consumes 300 GP. In order to be as efficient as possible, it is best just to clear the debris away in the spot the item you wish to harvest is located. But how do you find that out without using Toil of the Pioneer first?

Well, that is where this guide comes in handy! Before I get to that list however, I would like to mention something:

Some of you might have read that at 50, the items you can obtain are only available at a certain time of the day. This is no longer true. From all my experiences doing harvesting and logging, these unspoiled nodes can appear at any time during the day, and also tend to follow a spawning pattern (For example, after the unspoiled node for Crawler Cocoons is up, I usually have to wait for Trillium Bulbs and Trillium harvest locations to spawn before it will spawn again). So just remember that you can try for whatever harvestable item you want at any given time. It will, however, take patience for it to spawn; especially if there are multiple unspoiled nodes in the zone you are in.

Without further ado, the list:

Southeast: Vampire Plant - Last.
Northwest: Thavnairian Mistletoe - 2 down.
Northeast: Spruce Log - 6 down.

Eastern La Noscea
Northeast: Prickly Pineapple - 4 down.
Southeast: Honey Lemon - 2 down.
Southwest: Dzemael Tomatoes - 3 down.

Eastern Thanalan
Northwest: Black Truffle - 7 down.

Eastern Shroud
West: Trillium Bulb - Last (Can also find Kidragora companion just above that slot).
North: Trillium - First.
East: Crawler Cocoon - 4 down.

Mor Dhona
Mor Dhona has only one unspoiled node (to the east), but a lot of different items that can be obtained from it, so here are the list of all:
Grade 4 Carbonized Matter - Top.
Lightning Crystal - 2 down.
Wind Crystal - 3 down.
Water Crystal - 4 down.
Ice Crystal - 5 down.
Earth Crystal - 6 down.


I hope you find this guide useful, and good luck on getting those valuable HQ items!

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