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Bane: Do you use it in DF Dungeon Groups?Follow

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Question is in the title: when you begin a dungeon with a DF group, do you use Bane in packs of trash mobs (or even adds for bosses)?

I ask for a couple of reasons:

1. I love using Bane. I use it all the time. If I get Bio/Bio2/Miasma on a monster, and there are one or more other mobs nearby I use Bane. It is incredibly MP efficient as opposed to recasting those debuffs manually on each additional mob. I like to use Bane even on mobs that have been slept by a BLM. If the mob is asleep and you use Bane, the mob does not wake up when the DoTs are applied. This leads me into #2.

2. Tanks don't seem to know how to keep hate on slept mobs. Obviously the tank wants to make sure not to wake a slept mob, but if I can begin damaging it and by the time you get around to fighting it I have already dropped its health by 15-20% that is a huge bonus. Tanks should be using flash or something similar to keep building hate on mobs while they sleep.

I have been cussed out for using Bane on trash mobs because the tank can't keep hate off me when they wake up. Some tanks are on the ball, realize what I am doing and manage their hate very well, others can't seem to keep up. I am a bit of a relentless DPS when it comes to my DoTs - they never stop.

Bane is also one of the best tools for clearing trash adds in boss fights. Prime examples are the first boss in Brayflox and first boss in Qarn.

What are your thoughts fellow Arcanists? Do you use Bane in DF groups? Do you hold back to placate the tank?

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