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White Mage top tips!Follow

#1 Oct 17 2013 at 2:53 PM Rating: Good
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Hey guys!

Now that I've had some early endgame experience, I thought I'd share some of my WHM tips I've found nifty!

Instant-cast raise macro:
Saved my team countless times—absolutely necessary!
/ac "Swiftcast" <me>
/wait 1
/ac "Raise" <t>

Use Virus!
I love using Virus for added utility as a WHM beyond heal, heal, heal. Virus is an Arcanist spell that lowers the target's STR and DEX by 15% for 10 seconds! Use it on the boss when your team is in a tough spot or pre-empt high incoming physical boss damage situations.

Gamepad/Controller: target filters
For those of us who heal with a controller, I suggest you go into your character options and enable the different targeting filters (All, Party, Friendly, Enemies). What this does is restrict your left-right D-pad targeting to certain filters. e.g. Enemies filter will restrict your targeting to enemies only when using left-right D-pad and ignores party members, interaction nodes, etc. I can still heal my party easily by selecting them using up-down D-pad. I often switch to Enemies during dungeon encounters so I can easily select the mobs we're hitting, dot/dps them, while also being able to select my party with ease using up-down D-pad.

Keyboard CONFIRM keybind
This is a more general tip I just thought of and I might as well jot it down here too. Having used the controller for most my FFXIV adventuring, I gave keyboard/mouse a go. One thing I found sort of annoying was having to mouse-click through dialogue and having to actually mouse-click select NPCs/interaction nodes I wanted to interact with. This is annoying compared to the controller because on the controller all you needed to do was face the NPC/node you wanted to interact with and press the "A" button (or equivalent). This "A" is also on your keyboard but as "Numpad 0" by default under CONFIRM (System tab I think?). But Numpad 0 is not very convenient. So what I've done is gone into my keybind settings and added "F" as an alternative keybind for CONFIRM. So now I just rock up to NPCs/nodes, I don't need to click on them and just press "F" to and progress!

These are just some of my personal tips off the top of my head. I'd also recommend doing a quick google search for different WHM macros people have found useful.

I'll add a few more tips as I think of them and get more time.

What tips do you guys have??

- Tars

edit: Virus as WHM only decreases target's DEX & STR (not INT and MND?!)
edit: made it easier to read

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