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#1 Nov 05 2013 at 1:37 PM Rating: Good
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After much testing, the following macros are the ones I've been using for End Game content on BLM. I personally find them extremely useful. I will list them all first, and then focus on each one individually to explain why the abilities are in a certain order, or when the Macro is most useful.

I need to make clear from the very beginning that all of these Macros are the type that you SPAM. There is a great deal of movement required in End Game content. In fact, even as a BLM, freedom of Movement is more important than DPS for nearly every situation. Therefore, I have absolutely no Macros that include a /wait time.

The Main Fire Spam Macro:

/macroicon "Fire"
/ac "Raging Strikes" <t>
/ac "Fire" <t>
/ac "Virus" <t>
/ac "Blizzard III" <t>

The Low Mana Macro:

/macroicon "Convert"
/ac "Blizzard III" <t>
/ac "Convert" <me>
/ac "Blizzard III" <t>

The Defense / Heal self Macro:

/macroicon "Manawall"
/ac "Manawall" <me>
/ac "Manaward" <me>
/ac "Physick" <me>

InstaSleep Macro:

/macroicon "Sleep"
/ac "Swiftcast" <me>
/ac "Sleep" <t>

Scathe++ Macro:

/macroicon "Scathe"
/ac "Scathe" <t>
/ac "Virus" <t>
/ac "Lethargy" <t>

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