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AoE Spamming DPSFollow

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Black Mages, I'm looking at you.

I've hit 50 on PLD and have started the delightful grind towards my DL gear and my Relic. So far, I'm one piece in and about to drop the tomes on the leg pieces after a few more runs. I'm mainly running WP so I can gather my Philosophy as well as Mythology taking out two birds with one stone. As a rule of thumb, I choose DF because there is general concensus that it's safe for normal runs, which is all I'm capable of right now.

The past few runs have been full of people with itchy trigger fingers. Many of them go ahead of me and pull mob, but that's another annoyance for another day. My biggest issue I'm trying to tackle right now is dealing with all the AoE spamming. I don't generally "follow a specific rotation" when I tank. What you may do for a group of two is different for a group of three an so on. That being said, I open with Shield Lob to pull and then a Circle of Scorn followed with a Flash (or vice versa). I generally pop flash after every RoH cycle, and sometimes more inbetween if the need calls for it. I also pop Shield Swipe (when available) and Spirits Within (off GCD and won't interrupt RoH combo). There are times where I will cycle my RoH combo in between mobs so I build enmity on all the mobs as I fight. But even after all those, I still manage to lose enmity. There was one incident in particular where I was so upset and flustered by losing enmity that I used Flash consecutively about 4-5 times and I still never regained enmity.

So what are your tips and tricks for dealing with AoE spamming DPS? I feel like I've done everything short of having a better weapon and explaining to the DPS how to read the enmity gauge next to their job icon in the party listing.

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