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My Fairy and IFollow

#1 Nov 27 2013 at 4:26 PM Rating: Decent
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Laying silent as the blood pools
Hear the whisper of the crystal, as my body cools
One last look at the night sky
Watch as my comrades still fight, as I die
Now a warmth, comes rushing in
My slow beating heart, begins to hasten again
A shimmering light fills the dark void
Its Eos looking at me, thoroughly annoyed
I rise up quickly and take to a knee
I Nod to my fairy, she shakes her head at me
She flies right back into the fight
Embracing all the warriors with her healing light
I come running behind her ready to go
She turns in the air and shouts “Stay back, Noo!”
I stop dead and look deep into her eyes
She whispers “Goodbye” as I watch the fire rise
I fall to the ground, the tears roll in
The words come quickly, around me orbs spin
She saved my life now its my turn
If this doesn’t work its Ifrit who will burn
I finish my chant, raise my hand to the sky
A tap on my shoulder, I turn and start to cry
Eos smiles and wipes away my tears
My sadness turns to rage and strips away my fears
We stand together I again open my book
Into the fires of Ifrit we both now look
A Scholar and fairy together as one
A bond forever strong never to be undone

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