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#1 Nov 27 2013 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
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He charges in, no thought or care
Takes on enemies from everywhere
Sword drawn and held so tight
Throws out a spell of blinding light
More allies arrive, More spells cast
He nods to his friend, to heal him fast
Raises his shield and takes a strike
Dodges some fire and stones alike
One shakes loose towards his friend
He shouts "Get back here and meet your end"
He throws his shield and slashes his blade
Its the last mistake that foe had made
Battle ends his armor blood stained
And though grateful for the experience obtained
His heart is filled with pain and sorrow
As those he felled have no tomorrow
He drops his sword and falls to a knee
Looks to the sky and shouts his plea
"Take these souls but hear me now,
We will have peace for Eorzea somehow.
For that I fight until my last breath,
For I am a Paladin from now until death!"

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