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#1 Dec 12 2013 at 1:32 AM Rating: Good
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So I don't know if some of you have read the Famitsu interview with Yoshi P but we have some things to talk about now!
Changes to other Jobs and Classes
What about black mage?

Yoshida: For black mage, there's a bug related to casting speed which has put its DPS ahead of other jobs. In patch 2.1, we'll be fixing this, which should put the overall DPS of a black mage on par with that of other DPS jobs.

As a general policy, do you plan to perform downgrades to individual jobs or upgrades to other jobs in the future?

Yoshida: We don't plan to make negative corrections like this frequently in the future.

This obviously occurred due to the flarex3 'exploit' (I'd call it just taking advantage of mechanics). However, this has the following implication:

blizzard 3 > fire 3 > fire 1 will no longer grant the spell speed buff to the fire 1 as a result of the above.

I don't know how you all feel about this, but I'm pretty bummed. This was one of the most fun aspects of BLM for me to toy around with and will completely kill my DPS come patch day. You can see that MNK is getting a lot of love and so are DRGs. DRGs needed it, yes, but MNKs already parse almost equal to me. So with a buff to them and a nerf to's not looking good!

What do you all think?
#2 Dec 18 2013 at 9:28 AM Rating: Good
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I did Coil turns 1-4 last night and I could feel the difference. I guess I understand the changes to the speed bug but it felt so sluggish to play BLM. They messed around with the mana ticks while in Umbral Ice because there was more than one occasion last night where I was casting Fire 3 and expecting another mana regen tick and instead I am stuck at only 2K mana. I only had two options, wait for the tick before casting Fire 3 or throw in a scathe.

The sky isn't falling for me and I won't be quitting BLM but the job just does not feel right at the moment.
#3 Dec 19 2013 at 1:50 AM Rating: Good
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Wish people would have posted in this thread sooner. :P Guess the job forums really are dead.

I posted this in another thread:
Hitome wrote:
What they did was removed umbral ice the second your fire 3 goes off. You will no longer be able to regen full without doing one of the following:

1) Casting thunder 3 instead of thunder 2

This doesn't always work.

2) Waiting for two things to happen.

A) When you enter the umbral ice phase, you regenerate mana instantly.

If this is the case, use thunder 2 and use the old rotation like normal.

B) When you enter the umbral ice phase, it takes 1-2 seconds for the first tick of mana to come back to you.

If this is the case, you need to cast a filler spell like scathe or blizzard 1 after you cast thunder 2. If you try to go from your regen phase to the burn phase, you will not have full mana.

Hitome wrote:
It's something like that I think, Gnu. Basically the server is informed by the programming, when you cast fire 3, that fire 3 has no travel time as far as astral fire and umbral ice are concerned. The damage still seems to have a travel time component but I haven't been focused on that too much (feel free to test!).

You should ask one of the resident programmers. :P My bad guess would be that they were previously looking at the combat log to determine when astral fire was on you opposed to just looking at something that seems to be updated faster (like the buff bar). Why would they do that? I don't know. If they waited to update the combat log with a string that retrieves the calculated damage from some other function, it would take more time because it requires more memory. The buff bar seems to retrieve the information from somewhere else.

So effectively it fixes their initial mistake that let fire spells double dip into umbral ice's reduction to spell speed.

To me, between not ever getting any caster loot and this nerf, BLM seems less fun overall.

I understand why they did it and how it should have been addressed sooner before all the theorycrafting began, but there are times when you ***** something up and it actually works out fine. In this case, they 'fixed' something that shouldn't have been fixed. BLM DPS was competitive and not a mile ahead of everyone as the devs would have you believe. MNKs and, especially, SMNs were outparsing me pre-patch and now I assume they just blow me out of the water. I haven't actually found a working parser yet.

It's not the end of the world but when you wipe to Twintania due to enrage at 0.2% after having cleared it smoothly for the past 3 weeks, it just really ****** me off. They are trying to get people away from stacking BRDs and BLMs but have gone a little too overboard with the buffs to MNK and nerfs to SMN, BLM, and BRD. The only class that really needed tweaking was DRG and it got that.

Right now, it's actually beneficial to stack MNKs, for instance. Two MNKs with Allagan weapon easily overrides the negative buff you'd get to filling the LB gauge. So BRD just became MNK and things carry on like usual.

They did this with a lot of the jobs. Virus rotation actually was interesting and took coordination. Same with rain of death: it provides utility to a utility-based job. The extra speed we gained on our second fire spell was not a guaranteed thing: you have to plan for it. I saw it as a counter for all the movement we'd have to do on certain fights. It would certainly help in PVP too considering we're interrupted when we get hit by anything. It's like they want to take jobs and dumb them down even further when they were already quite interesting.

Clearly I'm not in the best state of mind after the past few days. You'll be happy to know that the first EX primal kill (all of them) was done with 2 BLMs in the party so we still have our place. But now, we're like BRD and PLD if BRD/PLD didn't have its 5-7 cooldowns: a class that requires only a few buttons to play.

Given SE's track record with BLM, you can't really expect things to get better from here. Yes, it's a new team for ARR but some of them still worked on 11 as well and most of us still remember the ToAU period. :X

But, I'll stop this rant for now.

I'll still be playing BLM but I probably will stop spending mythology on it in favor of SCH. I'll gear it through drops (if that ever happens) just like I would an alt.

Edited, Dec 19th 2013 2:52am by HitomeOfBismarck
#4 Dec 19 2013 at 9:58 AM Rating: Good
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Sorry to hear about your bad luck with drops. Our Coil group has been the opposite. I'm sitting in BiS gear (First for me in any MMO) and before the patch I was parsing slightly above our DRG and MNK. Now I am sitting 3rd. I am still doing decent damage but it feels like all of my burst potential is gone. Outside of Firestarter andThundercould out rotation is pretty bland and static.
#5 Dec 19 2013 at 1:30 PM Rating: Good
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I assume in BiS you're having no problem with conflags?

I didn't run into that problem last night but the MNK never was inside a short one. No one blew up but when I was inside I did see the animation for the blow up and thankfully was saved at the last moment. You could easily explain people living in short conflags from having a DPS class buffed (MNK) and one nerfed (BLM). Our BRDs were having trouble last night too...The big snake was actually living longer than intended right up to and past the first aetheric profusion which has never happened to us before.

Thankfully a SMN book dropped. This puts the 2nd BRD's SMN gear above his BRD's gear. So, we get a SMN to raid with instead as we originally planned. We were using his BRD until his SMN got gear but with no caster gear ever dropping, that was a pipe dream. :P

I think we'll be OK: just really boring to play.

On another note, check out Puro's new post about 2.1 gear:

Some...interesting choices. He now recommends Allagan body over AF2 because we get more ACC from Vortex ring. I may as well just follow his BiS SS guide since that's what I have the most of at the moment.
#6 Dec 20 2013 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Sadly we have not killed Twintania yet. Our group is good but we have had the opportunity to meet up as much as I would like. We have been slowly progressing through the phases and seem to have the conflag/fireball phase figured. I did not have issues with the conflag that much before the patch. As soon as I knew one was coming I would cast Blizz 3 and sit in Umbral until someone was conflaged and the quickly cast Fire 3 > Fire spam to get it killed. We will have our first attempt on Twintania post patch this Saturday so it will be interesting to see. Since both our DRG and MNK are doing ridiculous damage now I don't foresee us having too many issue with conflag.
#7 Dec 20 2013 at 11:09 PM Rating: Good
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You do it perfectly, then! That's exactly what I found out the hard way.

You'll get through it. It's a fight that just requires a lot of hours put in to succeed. The divebomb section will be the hardest and then you'll fly through the rest.

Went ahead and purchased the gloves. Will be saving for the pants so the other pants have two weeks to drop before I completely give up the crit build. We've never seen an Allagan body, either...and the last 7 Garuda kills out of 9 have dropped MNK rings I kid you not. Fickle RNG.
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