EQ Update #244

In this update, level 71 through 75 spells for bards, beastlords, berserkers, clerics, druids and enchanters has been updated with their expansions via the spell search tool. More spells will be tagged today for more classes from 71 to 75.

Since our item collector is up and running we have some new items that have came in. I believe some of those new items were tradeskill items that were accidently pushed live from the upcoming expansion. We'll probably leave those alone for now until I can get the new expansion added in code soonish. We'll fix the item icons as well for some of these new items.

I also worked on some fixes regarding the Sarnak Illusion Item and other illusion items showing Unknown info. Also some fixes regarding the spell slot info showing Unknown info for those illusion items. Those should be pushed through soon. It will require another run of the spell parser so we'll wait until the next patch for that.

Another fix for Lucy should be rolled out today regarding the "Expected token not present" error message.

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EQ Update #243

Various updates to items, quests and NPC's today.

I'll be working on tagging spells level 71+ today with expansions so people using the spell search can find their spells a little easier.

Also I'm continuing my work on the whole spell system, trying to bring it up to date. Hopefully in the near future I'll be rolling out some more fixes for that.

Edit: Spells are updated to the latest patch and the item collector is now patched as well.

Vulak`Aerr and Fippy Darkpaw are merging!

We haven't seen this in a while, server merges!

On October 18, 2017 Vulak`Aerr server will be merging into the Fippy Darkpaw server.

To see details on this transaction, click here.

Also you should be seeing spell SPA slots up to 32 now on spells. I am working on other spell fixes such as the unknowns and other spell SPA information that isn't showing up like it should.

EQ Update #242

In this update, all new comments were updated to this post.

Some code changes should be coming for spells hopefully today or tomorrow for the SPA slot issues and other missing spell information.

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EQ Update #241

In today's update, a few patch related things have been updated. We'll need some updates on a few NPC's that were updated in this patch. Also our hotzone wiki for the Franklin Teek hotzones was updated with tables to make it easier to figure out which zones have augs and which zones we still need aug info for.

Work on the item collector has begun and hopefully should have it available soon.

Speaking of spells, I have been working on updating the spell scripts for Lucy which pull spell information for allakhazam as well. This means SPA slots all the way to 32 and fixing all the unknowns in spell info and general funkyness with how our parser does things. I'll be sending some of this code for review to ZAM soon so the site will see some improvements on that front soon.

Edit: Spells are updated.

Incoming September Patch!

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 6:00 AM PT* for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately 6 hours.

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EQ Update #240

In this update, new comments are caught up.

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EQ Update #239

In todays update, Drewinette was busy cooking all sorts of meat on the grill! Check out all the updated recipes. 

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EQ Update #238

Various updates done for today.

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EQ Update #237

Various updates for today.

The progression wiki for Omens of War was updated with T1 group and T2 raid individual armor pieces.

For those of you playing on Phinigel, Omens of War releases today at 3pm PT!

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