Formerly Hardcore #10: Ships, Jungles and Crystals

Hello and welcome to the 10th edition of Formerly Hardcore, ZAM’s column on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. For this week’s column, I’ll be talking about my experience with patch 6.2 so far… which has been extremely limited due to working on Final Fantasy XIV for the Heavensward review. When the forums say that it’s about 20 to 30 hours to do all of the main story quests in FFXIV before you can even start on the new Heavensward content, they’re not kidding; they also aren’t joking about the fact that there’s 70 minutes of cutscenes at the end of the 2.55 questing. For those who are interested in how all that’s going, I’ll have a review down the road as well as impressions of the new jobs once I’ve had the chance to take all of those for a spin, but for the rest of you let’s get back to Azeroth and talk about the Shipyard and Tanaan Jungle.

Downtime - Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Both US and EU servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 7am PT (3pm London Time) for an update. Estimated downtime for both sets of servers is approximately one hour.

Here are the patch notes:


  • Fixed an issue with placing stacks in depots and on the broker.
  • Redistributed items required to spawn avatars across final zone bosses in Cathedral of Bone, Ssraeshza,BrokenskullBay, Rum Cellar, and Freethinker's Hideout raid zones.
  • Erollisi Marr can now be worshiped! Good aligned players should speak with Sister Leela Prendyn in New Halas to begin.

Drops from the Avatars of Cazic-Thule and Fennin Ro have been upgraded to the new stat layout.

Kylong Plains
Warfield tower guardians now have more HP in Kylong plains.

Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths [Raid]
Ikatiar Challenge mode should now update his flawless and shorthanded achievements.

Katastra Vilehex's power and HP has been increased.

Stream of Arrows can now trigger procs.

Storm of Steel can now trigger procs.


  • Ethereal Expertise will now double DoT's and spells cast by primary pets.
  • The effect "Bolstered Block" will now properly apply its group effect when using "Blinding Dust".
  • Levels of the Testament of the Titan set bonus have been redistributed.

A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned - Poisoned Yurwri now appears next to Finze, reliably.

Time-Locked Expansion Server Beta Starts July 7

The Time-Locked Expansion servers, Deathtoll (PvP) and Stormhold (PvE), are coming later this month, but prior to the live launch members can participate in the betas for both servers. With TLE servers, players are in control of voting to unlock the next expansion after a pre-determined amount of real-life time has passed. Among other things, certain features such as prestige housing or account bonuses will be disabled.

For those interested in participating in the beta, keep an eye on the official forums on Tuesday, July 7th for further information!

Wowhead Weekly Episode 41

Join Panser and Perculia for Wowhead Weekly: Episode 41! This week the ladies discuss Wowhead's interview with Ion Hazzikostas, the Darkmoon Faire, upgrading legendary rings, and more.

ZAM's E3 2015 Wrap-up

Film Friday: Eight New Trailers

Eight New Trailers

Let's kick off the Fourth of July weekend with eight of the latest gaming trailers! This week be entertained with videos from Armored Warfare, Cook Serve Delicious 2, Path of Exile, Skyforge, Strike Vector EX, Sword Coast Legends, We Happy Few, and Victor Vran.

Bonus XP Weekend Plus Marketplace Sale

Announced today is an All Access Double XP weekend (Adventuring, AA, and Crafting) plus a Marketplace sale!

Enjoying the summer is more fun when you have friends (or at least a crafty merc!) by your side. From Thursday, July 2 through Monday, July 6, there’s a Marketplace sale to help with just that. Both Merc Crates and Group XP Potions will be on sale for 40% off! All Access Members will get their additional 10% off the sale price.

And as an added perk for All Access Members, it’s a Double XP Weekend! AAs, Tradeskill, and Adventure XP will all be doubled.

E3: EverQuest & EverQuest II Progression Servers

E3 doesn't stop when its doors are closed for the day. We snagged Executive Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale at this year's Daybreak after-party (and again this week in a follow-up), chatting about some recent changes that hit EverQuest's progression servers as well as the upcoming progression servers and merges for EverQuest II.

Guild Wars 2: Stronghold Mist Champions

ArenaNet has announced the latest feature coming with the new Stronghold PvP game mode coming in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Collectively called Mist Champions, this new system will allow players to customize the heroes that they summon during Stronghold matches.

PlayStation Plus July Game Collection

July has arrived and with it comes a fresh batch of free PlayStation Plus games! The collection features several games for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, available beginning on July 7th.