Update Notes: Tuesday December 5, 2017


  • When Characters zone into the Plane of Magic, their divine Potency is automatically set to a minimum of 50. Since this auto grant makes it redundant, the Divine Potency Grant: 50 bauble has been removed from Tishan's Lockbox.


  • You should now correctly be awarded the key for defeating all tier 1 raid bosses. This fix should be retroactive.

Plane of Magic

  • Updated the ammo merchants in Plane of Magic to sell Planar ammo, including crossbow bolts.

Echoes of Innovation [Public]

  • In stage 5 of the event, if someone does not get pulled into the final boss room, anyone in the zone can "Discharge Excess Power" on the main capacitor to pull anyone who is not in the room into the room.
  • Corrected an issue that occasionally displayed Meldrath's location incorrectly on the zone map.

Plane of Innovation: Parts Not Included [Event]

  • Corrected an issue that could cause Fixit Omegatock to reset once defeated.

Plane of Innovation [Heroics]

  • Bosses within the normal heroic zones should no longer use a direct scripted death mechanic on non-fighters. It is still the intention that it be preferable to use fighters to tank these bosses.

Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire [Solo]

  • Spell and combat art range is tripled during the encounter with Jiva.

Solusek Ro's Tower: The Monolith of Fire [Both versions]

  • The braziers on the first floor will rise regardless of the speed at which the Obsidian Shards are destroyed.
  • Solusek Ro will actually return if the timer reaches 0 during the encounter with the Avatar of the Sun.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder [Heroics]

  • Bosses within the normal heroic zones should no longer use a direct scripted death mechanic on non-fighters. It is still the intention that it be preferable to use fighters to tank these bosses.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Chase [Both versions]

  • Arkose now runs to each unbound thermal stone.
  • Messaging has been added after defeating enough frigid windkeepers reminding you to grab a spark of frost for an upcoming fight.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]

  • Thangbrand and Valbrand should now correctly give extra info when Detect Weakness is used on them.
  • Gained Advantage should now be triggered if Thangbrand and Valbrand are over 15% apart in health rather than 10%.

Plane of Disease: The Source [Heroic & Solo]

  • Killing Darwol Adan or Wavadozzik Adan should no longer port one or more members of the group into the void.

Plane of Disease: Infested Mesa [Both versions]

  • The orbs representing the brain, heart and stomach during the encounter with The Carrion Walker should now be more visible.

Plane of Disease: The Emergence [Public Quest]

  • Seeds of virulence now spawn lower to the ground.

Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace [Heroic & Advanced Solo]

  • The siren summoners can now be interrupted and attacked during the encounter against the Coral Construct.

Brackish Vaults [Duo]

  • Creatures found within the Brackish Vaults should no longer be able to riposte damage quite as hard.


  • Corrected an issue with mercenaries that prevented them from charging an upkeep cost once the owner character is over level 100.


  • Corrected the requirement on the proving grounds merchants that prevented characters over level 100 from seeing their wares.


  • The sphinx feather should properly be removed from your inventory during the quest "Ghost's Lost Score."
  • Crystalized Aether Essence needed for the quest "The Queen's Favor" should now update for the group.
  • Eight Orbs for Eight Pillars - The arcane orb will now work on the slain constructs of mana.


  • Corrected an issue that prevented rare harvests from being used in expert spell recipes.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Innovation Tinkering recipes from showing up on crafting trainers.
  • Sprocket's Interlocking Plane Builder's Kit recipes have been converted to use geomancy to be useable on Time-Locked servers.


  • The Clockwork Calamity no longer sets a high illusion priority.
  • Corrected a bug that caused some tinkered items to become unlimited charges.

Update Notes: Thursday November 30, 2017


  • Fixed an issue related to Fast Travel.


  • Quests Consoling the Souls and Consoling the Souls: A Contemplation - These quests should now update for group members.


  • Fixed an issue where the archaeologists in Plane of Magic would sometimes hand out incorrect rewards.
  • Wands from the Planes of Prophecy Level 100 Boost gear boxes no longer require ammo.
  • Fixed the requirements on Argas, Guardian of Magic and Augury Harbinger so that they will work correctly on timelocked servers.

Update Notes: Tuesday November 21, 2017


  • Fixed an issue preventing Marketplace gifting.


  • The Dire Warg Whisperer - The dire warg muzzle works as intended, once again.
  • Caught by the Tail - Scout Chenka and Outrider Storian now interact with each other consistently.

Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview

Festering like a pustule in the celestial spheres, the Plane of Disease is the unfortunate embodiment of its ruler and the bringer of plagues, Bertoxxulous.

The air hangs with a sticky, stagnant mix of pestilence and decay, its vapors so deadly as to cause organs to rot within seconds of contact. Bile and bodily wastes fill the lakes, rivers, and sea, frothing at the surface and scarring the shoreline. Large boils cover the putrid land, where rank pus excretes from the surface with every step.

You'll come into unsavory contact with the Plaguebringer's most devout worshippers, the Springview Healers, and unravel the secrets of this land of degeneration in your pursuit of the Tenets of Hate.

Venture deep into the infected bowels of this ever-decaying plane where an ancient tomb of kings, the Crypt of Decay, awaits, and discover what Lanys T'vyl and her Primordial Malice have in store for Bertoxxulous.

It is with utmost urgency that you, the mortal heroes of Norrath, survive this festering realm and its infestation of creatures, and prevent the Tenets of Hate from fulfilling their prophecy of domination.

The Plane of Disease may prove to be your most vile challenge yet, adventurer... do you think you've got the stomach to face it?

The Planes of Prophecy will come to Norrath on November 28, 2017, but you can pre-order the expansion right now! If you're an All Access Member, you'll also recieve an additional 10% off of the expansion pre-order and more! You can learn more about All Access perks here.

Gear Up, Level Up Week 7

We're fast approaching the end of Gear Up, Level Up but we've still got a few more bonuses in store!

From 12:01AM PT on Monday, November 13, 2017, until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, November 19, 2017 players on Live Servers will receiving double loot! Plus, if you're playing on a Live Server and have an All Access Membership, you'll also earn double status!

Playing on a Progression Server? This week, you'll be granted the highly-coveted double XP bonus!

Get on out there, adventurers - you're almost out of time to gear up and level up!

Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview

Home of all things innovative and mechanical and watched over by the formless entity known as the Great Gear, the Plane of Innovation has thrived during the absence of the Gods through the ingenuity of Norrathians. It is this mortal power of creativity that the plane feeds upon. (Blame the gnomes if you want, as we all know the inquisitive minds of gnomes are limitless.)

Meanwhile, the clockworks under the Great Gear’s influence are unforgiving and calculating in defending their plane. Within the depths of the scrapyards, a massive foreboding building known as the Manaetic Factory looms.

In the factory, all of the evolving machines are fabricated and tested... on none other than YOU! Survive these "tests" and see what the Great Gear and his creations have lying in wait for those who attempt to defile the plane.

Another being has had some influence on the plane, who might be a recognizable name in Norrath’s history - Meldrath the Malignant has made the Plane of Innovation a home of sorts, using the advanced designs of the clockworks to figure out how to possess machinery at will.

Meldrath has started replacing his own body parts with superior mechanical devices, but is in need of fresh organic material to continue to research fusing biological tissue into mechanized bodies… That is where Norrathians come in!

Adventurers are sent to seek out Meldrath who might know of a way to gain access to further planes in the pursuit of the Tenets of Hate. Why he would choose to help Norrathians in this task remains a mystery.

Invading “fleshbags” will need to battle past all of the plane’s defenses to find out exactly what Meldrath is up to and how he has been able to hide away on the plane without being forced out by the native machines.

The denizens of Innovation will not hold back in defending their home, and they have no fear of death as they do not even grasp the concept. This makes them efficient killing machines that can easily dispatch the majority of any invading force.

Do you think you have what it takes to survive the clockwork forces of the Plane of Innovation? You'll find out when Planes of Prophecy launches on November 28, 2017! 

You can pre-order the Planes of Prophecy expansion right now! Plus, if you're an All Access Member, you'll also recieve an additional 10% off of the expansion pre-order and more! You can learn more about All Access perks here.

Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview

The Tenets of Hate, led by Lanys T'Vyl, the power-crazed daughter of Innoruuk, have formed a plan that will surely deliver destruction upon both Norrath and the pantheon alike. They must be stopped, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice!

Desperate, and with great reservation, a small council of gods have formed a plan for salvation. Mortals must, once again, will be allowed to enter the Celestial Planes! Druzzil Ro, goddess of the arcane arts, has opened her realm, the Plane of Magic, as a new destination for the Ulteran Spire network.

Here, you will become empowered by the lands as you venture through them, explore their wonders and breath-taking sights, and forge relationships with their residents: the Pakiat and Allyrians. The Pakiat are a pride of sphinxes who came to the celestial realm of magic, long ago, along with their aluxob minions.

The Allyrians are a race of Druzzil Ro's own creation, split into two opposing houses: Yrzu and Vahla. Any of the three groups are willing to work with outsiders, as long as they are willing to prove themselves. But be warned, as they are opposing factions, they will not take kindly to those who attempt to work with any of the other inhabitants of the Plane of Magic at the same time.

Druzzil Ro, and all of Norrath, is counting on you, and your perseverance! Prove your mettle here, and you'll be granted entry to the other Planes of Prophecy!

Are you ready to embark on a new journey into the Planes, adventurer? Planes of Prophecy is scheduled to launch on November 28, 2017, and you can pre-order the expansion now!

Plus, if you're an All Access Member, you'll also recieve an additional 10% off of the expansion pre-order and more! You can learn more about All Access perks here.

Update Notes: Tuesday November 7, 2017



Corrected an issue with the Illusion: Clockwork Calamity that prevented adventure stat increases from applying to characters below level 60.

Gear Up, Level Up Week 6

Another loaded week of Gear Up, Level Up bonuses has arrived!

From 12:01AM PT on Monday, November 6, 2017, up until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, November 12, 2017 ALL players on Live Servers will be receiving double loot AND double Proving Grounds Currency! 

If you're playing on a Progression Server, this week you'll be granted double status!

Get adventuring, Norrathians, and make use of these perks while you can!

Update Notes: Wednesday October 25, 2017


  • Increased experience point gain on the Fallen Gate server.