template:EQ2 Item Icon Thumb  

Usage: {{EQ2 Item Icon Thumb|item_name|px=|wide=}}

This template is used by EQ2 Collection.

This template is expected to be inside a table cell that limits the boundaries of the thumb.

px= applies to the icon size, only. Default is 42.

cellpx= applies to the cell width. Default is 60 unless wide=y, in which case the default is 100%

wide= is a switch that will make the display horizontal instead of the default vertical. It also does NOT use <small> to encapsulate the text link.

Code Example

<table style="width:500px;margin:0;">
   {{#commalist:%lbrace%%lbrace%EQ2 Item Icon Thumb%pipe%%value1%%rbrace%%rbrace%||{{{items|}}}}}

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