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Lightning/Snow Gear and Weapons from Doing FATEFollow

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StateAlchemist, Om nom nom... wrote:
Have a feeling a lot more people might have liked it if they had played until they reached the Gran Pulse... Idk.

My issue with this is that one shouldn't have to play through 30 hours of a FF game before it starts to feel like a FF game (granted that I personally hate Midgar up until the first assault on Shin-Ra because of the blatant linearity). Note that I have not played any version of XIII and I most likely never will barring some $20ish version with all three games and DLC. After hearing about the 30 hour hallway and then what they did with the ending to XIII-2 I could never financially support my favorite franchise jumping on the DLC train in the worst possible way. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down to make a point, even if it's just to yourself. I might miss out on a FF title, but I refuse to condone that garbage. I'll be waiting to play FFXV until it's been out for a good bit to see if they are going to do all of this trilogy and DLC trash again.

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Teneleven wrote:
lolgaxe wrote:
Teneleven wrote:
Anyway...You would ***** about Lightning, but not Cid?
Not the same. Cid Pollendia is not Cid Previa is not Cid del Norte Marguez is not Cid Highwind is not Cid Kramer. Lightning is Lightning. Also, the Biggs and Wedges aren't the same characters each iteration either, nor are the chocobos, mages, crystals, and underwear is more a Chrono series thing than a Final Fantasy franchise thing. What you're referring to are character archetypes that appear in the games as sort of legacy Easter Eggs. What he's referring to is the character itself being in other games. A more appropriate comparison would be with Gilgimesh, who is the same character from appearance to appearance *except 11, who I seem to have forgotten, yet managed to remember all of the Cid's last names.

Personally, considering the overarching storyline of XIII, with it's dimensional and time travel-esque themes, it doesn't really change my blood pressure any that it's a side quest in another game that also features time travel-esque themes. They could throw Crono, Lucca, and Marle in there and it'd still fit.

Well, i know the point you are trying to make Lolgaxe, but i know chocobos and underpants are not what he is talking about. I think what i was getting at, is if your ok with a franchise that is NTORIOUS for re-using certain aspects of the game in all the new this really that big of a deal?
I know that it's different..but FF has always done things "different". When you saw cid in more than 1 FF was probably weird at first. I wonder how many people even gave that a second thought back then. You can give Cid as many last names, and roles as you want...but cid is cid...not unlike lightning. not much anyway.

The original Cid. He began his career as one of Fynn's knights, but later acquired an airship and left Fynn's service to seek out his own fortune. Based out of Poft, Cid offers taxi service with his airship to Firion and the party. At one stage his airship is taken (with Princess Hilda aboard) by the Palamecian Empire's Dreadnought. Firion and his friends rescue them, and the Dreadnought is destroyed. Later, Cid dies and gives his airship to Firion.

Cid has always been the same .. you can change his last name and job, he still deals in airships. He always will. Maybe SE wants Lightning to be the new Cid..who knows?

Edited, Jul 28th 2013 4:27am by Teneleven

I totally agree on the Cid front. Cid is Cid... I could care less what his last name is. He always appears as an inventor that deals in airships. Nobody seems to care that SE continues to repeatedly reincarnate him for every game. Then we go up in arms about Lightning?

If you don't want to do the event you don't have to, nobody is making you follow that event/mini-storyline whatever it is. They won't make it a required thing you have to do to progress, it's optional. So if you really feel that bad just do your best to ignore it. We'll see a mass influx of every other person wearing the gear as they get access and complete it. That will eventually fade away and we'll not be worse for wear. There will probably be holiday events and everyone will shift to wearing that gear for a couple weeks, Halloween is only 2 months from release and if they follow XI I'm sure we'll see something then.
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